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The Classroom of Spy ‒ Episodes 1-3

How would you rate Episode 1 of Spy School?

Community Rating: 3.3

How would you rate it
Episode 2
of Spy Classroom?

Community Score: 3.8

How would you rate Episode 3 of Spy Classroom?

Community Score: 3.9

spy-classroom-eps-1-3-review spy-classroom-eps-1-3-reviewspy-classroom-eps-1-3-reviewspy-classroom-eps-1-3-review©Takemachi Tomari/KADOKAWA/Spy Classroom Production Committee

omg I’m really glad I was able to recap

The first three episodes of all at once. I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of the series, but if I were forced to stop and write my thoughts at the end of episode 2, I’d probably be convinced we were in a train wreck. After the shenanigans that centered on Lily and Klaus in the premiere, I think episode 2 will settle down and let us know about the other six light girls and maybe even

seems to be This is Klaus’ plan when he comes up with the weekly lesson ultimatum: beat him in battle, let He yells “Mercy!” These types of team building exercises are the perfect excuse for lighthearted banter and quick character development, which was really needed at the time, as I still can’t hope to say without opening the wiki page in another browser tab Any of the other girls. So imagine my reaction, about an episode full of montages and buildup Midway through the episode for Klaus and the girls’ eventual showdown, it just…skips the rest of the episode entirely. We get a brief speech from Klaus about the destruction of the Inferno Team and the dangers of what they call “Mission Impossible,” and then we skip forward a full month. Apparently, these girls are trained and the mission to steal an evil virus from the Galgad Empire is underway with absolutely no fanfare. We get more montages showing the girls’ impressive espionage skills, a bunch of information dumps, and a very random party to wrap up this utterly baffling episode. Whenever I start a brand new anime series, I have to ask myself a question that dreads me: “Doesn’t the Spy Family know what it’s doing?”

Then, we get episode 3, and the big “twist” of re-contextualization, at least kinda explains some of our puzzling Writing and direction have to be dealt with by now…although I still have my concerns. In short, as Klaus and the girls explain to a bewildered Guido, the reason the show deliberately avoids showing us any of the spies’ unique skills and special weapons is because Klaus knows that Guido tapped Heat Haze’s palace from the start, because He’s an omniscient super spy and trash. So the girls had to pretend to be become tedious and incompetent so that they can pull the rug from Guido’s feet in the inevitable conflict. The ruse extends to Klaus (and the whole show) hiding a secret eighth spy girl named Erna, and he’s really good at imitating sounds (and stabbing too).

On the one hand, I have to admit, I Surprised by this development , and I’m glad to learn that the show’s bizarre pacing and frustrating lack of any meaningful character development is at least in one sense intentional. But on the other hand, we still had to deal with some really weird pacing and frustratingly underdeveloped characters, and what was the result? Guido gets it all during his time as the main antagonist of the story, for about ten lines, so we don’t particularly care when he’s defeated. Beyond Lily, we still Barely know anything funny or memorable about the other girls of lights, other than a brief glimpse of their “real” selves during the climactic fight, so their danger never feels real and their victory basically It’s empty. Damn, I now have the cast and their corresponding pictures on my computer screen, and if you put a gun to my head, let me explain the difference between Monika, Sara, Erna, Celeste, Thea, or Annette The difference, I have to tell you keep shooting me. (One of the names, is actually completely made up, but I disregard Any of you tell me which one it is without looking it up yourself. How about some sneaky spy?)

At the end of the first mini-arc here, it’s a bit of a mess. It certainly handles the expected twists and tricks of a spy story better than I originally thought it would, but it just pulls off its first big twist by being unfair to the audience and sacrificing any investment we might have had in its characters or story. I hate Describing anything as “all style, no substance”, but dangerously close to falling into that exact trap, all of which might impress us, if not all That is impressive. It’s one thing if it manages to hide the whole damn cast over the course of a season, but I think trying to get all the clout after just a few episodes is a big mistake. That said, I have a hard time disliking one that is at least as bold as try And stand out among the audience, even if the end result is sloppy at best. I hope the show finally gets into top shape and actually starts to develop its core cast better after the training wheels are off. If nothing else, I’m curious to see if and how this story tries to rise above its own absurdity. Rating: spy-classroom-eps-1-3-review



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