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The coolest sweatpants are chopped up and sewn together

Hanley was upcycled long before it became part of the fashion vocabulary. She sources her vintage, worn and used textiles locally and will always use leftovers from her past collections for her next collection. For the undershirts, Hanley wanted to simplify what she calls a “collage system,” which involves cutting a piece like a hoodie to make it raw again. Hanley cut a piece of clothing into strips, rolled them out, and patched them into the shape of sweatpants. She sewed it together and sent it to the garment area to be done by other professionals. Previously, the process was difficult and lengthy, but now, Hanley has worked hard to improve it.

The result is stylish Franken sweatpants. One pair featured a jersey stripe with glitter and the Lou Dallas globe logo on the outside. The other was patchwork from wool with the words “Think Other” running down the leg. A killer iteration is cream with “Savage” next to the crotch. Those trendy “Think Other” tees are now off-the-shoulder and knotted at the sides.

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Burlingham



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