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The creator of Attack on Titan is a big fan of the Vinland saga

The two giants of comics recently sat down together for their first joint interview: of

Isayama Hajime and of Makoto Yukimura . The two discussed their mutual respect for each other’s work, with Isayama actively gushing about his appreciation for Yukimura’s artwork and narrative plot.

Some highlights from the interview include:

  • Isayama first entry
  • through an animation adapted from Yukimura’s previous work .

    Yukimura said he was inspired to write

  • , because he wanted to explore his own thoughts on “violence” from the point of view of pre-Christian culture where violence was commonplace.

  • Isayama said

    ‘s creation has a certain meaning When he can’t control Alan. Yukimura agrees that part of being a manga creator is watching your characters have their own will, and sometimes creators have to fight their own characters.

  • Isayama in Favorite character in
    is Thorfinn. He is a fan of Thorfinn’s Guilt and Humanity.

    Yukimura thinks

    Anime is better than manga, I recommend everyone to watch anime before picking up manga. According to him, the director and screenwriter understand manga and animation better than him Also fixed some pacing issues.

  • Both comic creators Glad that their works are well received overseas. Since Isayama is a big fan of non-Japanese works, he feels he can share his fans with the world. He likes to watch Reaction video. Yukimura is

    anime, and Isayama recently finished watching binge drinking Gluttony Stranger Things on Netflix. He still wants to watch boys and

  • Obi-Wan. 2022

    Transitioning to a full digital job during the COVID-19 pandemic Process – 16 Pandemic, about as he wrote Chapter time 168-169. Yukimura especially respects Isayama’s painting Non-stop non-stop, which he can’t do. Although working on a monthly magazine, he only drew last month’s page. On the other hand, Isayama admires Yukimura’s meticulous art and foreshadowing, and says that to create such high-quality works, rest is necessary. 2022

    This The first season of the anime premiered in July2018. 2022 Amazon Prime Video broadcasts the anime in Japan and overseas. Netflix and

    HIDIVE joined the first season on July 7, 2022. The second season will premiere in January 640.

    Isayama Hajime published the original in Kodansha’s 168, and The series ended in April 2018. Manga Volume 6 and Final Volumes ship in June 2022. 2022Kodansha Manga is publishing manga in English digital and print editions , and released 34 October Volume 2013.

    The anime premiered on

    NHK December . 2022 Entertainment and

    Crunchyroll is playing an animation with English subtitles. 2022 Adult Swimming 2023Toonami The program team started broadcasting the animation in January 2021 and

    Funimation started playing in English in the same month Dub. Part 2 of the season ends with an episode “Danzai” premiered (“Sentencing”), January 9 on 2022 NHK Integrated channels. Crunchyroll and Funimation Played Part 2 of the anime airing in Japan. The anime’s “third part” “episode” will be broadcast on NHK-General 2020 in the channel.

      April premiere TV anime season

    , the second season premiered in April 2018. The first part of the third season premiered in July 2018, and the second half premiered in Japan 2023 NHK April Comprehensive Channel 640.

    Source: Comic Natalie

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