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The Crown: Inside Camillagate, world-shaking illicit phone call between Charles and Camilla

Dominic West as Prince Charles and Olivia William in Season 5, Episode 5 of The Crown Mess’s Camilla Parker Bowles was separated from her family on the phone and had a private time. It started naively: Charles was nervous about his upcoming speech at Oxford, and Camilla gave him feedback. Soon, however, the call turned vulgar: “I wish I could live in your pants,” Charles mumbled.

Somewhere in the English countryside, a man with a radio and a recording device switches between frequencies. He stopped when he recognized the gorgeous voice coming from the other end. Then, he pressed the record button.

It was an intimate — well, rather illegal — conversation. But is this really happening between the current king and queen? Or an exaggerated plot in a historical fiction series?

While The Crown is known for sensationalism, in this case truth is as shameful as fiction. Much of Williams and West’s conversations come from transcripts of a real phone call 1989 between the real Charles and Camilla, which was published by various tabloids around the world. 1993.

November1992 — Following the Prince and Princess of Wales in Andrew Morton Diana: Her True Story – British tabloids start reporting rumours of a controversial conversation between Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles. The Daily Mirror claims “A recording of an intimate phone call between the Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles has been played to the Daily Mirror.” The Sun has a similar report. However, neither released the full content of the call, opting instead to allude to what was said. At that time, the authenticity of the recording was questioned: “The core of the question is: Is the tape real?” Thinking about the Evening Standard at the time.

January1993, Australian magazine, New Idea, published a detailed illustration written records. In addition to the male and female voices saying they were in love, the man also expressed a desire to “live in his pants or something.” Then he joked about turning into a tampon. Other international media outlets also began reporting details of the call. Finally, the UK’s Sunday Mirror also shared a detailed transcript. The editor at the time, Colin Myler, wrote an article to justify his decision to do so: “I think it is a mistake that the nearly nine million readers of this paper have been denied access to important content affecting the future king of England. , and people in Australia, Germany, America and Ireland already have.” Suddenly the most intimate moments between Charles and Camilla are everywhere — It made things worse because both were married. BBC Radio summed up the public sentiment best: “If true, [it] would be very difficult to reconcile with the dignity of the monarchy.”



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