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'The Crown' season 5 is my new sleeping pill

I have no insomnia-prone tendencies; in fact, I think my partner wants me to openly admit that I fall asleep at 9:00 p.m. every night, contentedly like Snoring like a foghorn. However, after much travel and a lot of midterm-related stress lately, I find myself occasionally — gasp! – Stayed up late 10 and couldn’t get to sleep.

Luckily, a savior showed up just in time, in the Netflix series in the fifth season of The Crown. ..look, I’m not saying it’s boring, but I watch it every night before bed and sleep like a log again, so you do the math.

On the surface, this season of The Crown seems too excited to put anyone to sleep, as Elizabeth· Elizabeth Debicki as the tall Princess Diana™, an incredibly sexy cast Dominic West as then-Prince Charles, and of course an absolute grab bag of early to mid British monarchy royal drama’ 90. (The queen herself did call 1992 the “horror year” for her family, and for good reason.)

Despite all these solid foods , but, Season 5 of The Crown feels a bit…grey and dreary, especially when Lesley Manville plays Margery Princess Margaret joins Captain Peter Townsend for the millionth time as she celebrates her decades-long relationship. (We get it, girl! Maybe it’s time to start the healing process!) As my colleague Liam Hess said recently, “The pacing and cohesion of this season hasn’t always been because Morgan likes to take us on historical pastimes.” , seems to offer something similar to what’s happening today.”

That’s not to say there isn’t any this season Exciting times—only they are few and far between. Debicki is fiery as Diana, even if she lacks some of the raw nerve and emotional turmoil her predecessor Emma Corrin brought to the character last season; The Palace Papers audiobook people, you can’t fairly accuse me of not being interested in the source material. (I mean, Tampongate? How can you not want all the details of that particular royal entanglement?)



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