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'The Crown' Star Elizabeth Debicki Talks Reinventing Diana's Iconic Fashion

Elizabeth Debicki performed on Princess Diana in Season 5 of on Netflix Own interpretationThe Crown.

Female The actor sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to talk about her role as Princess of Wales, including recreating some of Diana’s iconic fashions and her personal take on the royal view.

The Crown Season 5 follows the British Monarchy introduces Prime Minister John Major (Johnny Lee Miller), while focusing on Diana’s troubled relationship with then-Prince Charles (Dominic West). While a lot of focus has been put on highlighting the Princess of Wales’ period of isolation and media frenzy, it’s also a time for her to come back to herself, Debicki said. “Season 5 was a very special point in her life,” Debicki said. “It’s been a dangerous journey in terms of the media, separation and divorce. We know it’s been a super isolating time for her and she’s suffered tremendously.”

Debicki also explained that as part of her research, she spoke to many people who knew Diana very well. “This thing, besides bringing [the content] on the page to life, it’s also important to me that we see this lightness and this joy and this desire to have love and fun and all the things in her life Those honorable things,” Debicki said.

Debicki took over the role of Diana from Emma Corrin, who played a younger version of Princess Diana in Season 4, which covered her tumultuous early years Marriage Charles. Debicki noted that while she didn’t have a chance to speak with Corrin prior to filming, her ex’s performance heavily influenced her portrayal of Diana.

“In a way, it’s almost Like your piece of the puzzle,” Debicki said, calling it a “baton pass” or “sort of like a relay race with seasons of the show.”

She added, “You come in here and it’s a fresh start for you, it’s your driveway, we built it for you so it’s like it tells you, you never feel like you need Do what this man does.”

Debicki also talked about recreating some of Diana’s iconic fashion moments this season, including the infamous revenge dress. Debicki explained that she worked extensively with costume designers Amy and Sidonie Roberts on all of Diana’s looks. “There is a duality to the process of making clothes,” she says. “One was something we created based on a profile that existed in some of the more ‘normcore’ re-creations she invented in ‘s. Then , obviously, everyone is waiting for these symbolic, really important looks. So I think there’s a lot of pressure to get the [revenge dress] right. Lots and lots of accessories because it’s an incredible dress ’”

The actress noted that recreating the moment was particularly symbolic. “It was a moment of triumph for her, but also with this really deep sadness,” she said. “And I think when we see this moment in real life, we understand the duplicity.”

As for Debicki’s personal favorite Diana look? The actress says it’s more of her laid-back everyday style. “I love her kind of mom uniform,” Debicki explained. “It’s chic but it’s also very casual, it’s too much for a royal to send their kids to school in high-waisted jeans and baseball caps, and I love that side of her because I think It’s very rebellious.” ”

When asked if the series had changed her view of the British monarchy, Debicki said she did feel sympathy. “I Always loved Queen, but I’m a bit too young to go through those memories. ’ She added, “I think [there is] empathy and understanding of how difficult and how hard they are working. Huge sacrifice, and while I do feel like I understand it from that perspective, I think it’s amazing that they’re able to carry that weight on their shoulders. ”

Watch more of Debicki’s interview in the video above.

The Crown is now streaming on Netflix. 1990



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