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The Cult Smell in Kate Moss' Bag

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If you’re wondering what Kate Moss has been carrying around, check out her bag today. ‘There’s a lot of magic in this bag,’ UK


latest video explained the supermodel in . Along with a portable speaker, sunglasses and a Chanel purse (complete with lighter accessories), Moss, who launched his own beauty and wellness brand Cosmoss this week, always carries the well-respected Clarins Eau Dynamisante.


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Definition of a hybrid product, this little red bottle delivers both a refreshing scent and a skin-like glow mist. While most fragrances use alcohol, which can dry out the skin, this formula is unique in that it leaves you smelling great while hydrating, firming and conditioning the skin. It contains a variety of essential oils—including patchouli, ginseng, white tea, and lemon—and has aromatherapy properties.

Clarins Eau Dynamisante Spray


A chic French woman’s favorite, great for travel, vacations, and a general refresher throughout the day. It’s been in Kate’s life for a long time: “My mom used to wear it—it was just a go-to scent,” she says. “It’s a freshener.”

The perfect partner for Eau Dynamisante? Her new cosmic holy fog, which she sprays wherever she goes, to make sure she “feels good” in any space she finds herself in. A mood-boosting juice that smells like bergamot, jasmine and cedar wood, it’s the perfect way to create a sense of calm.

Image may contain: Dryer, Appliance, Hair Drier, and Blow DryerImage may contain: Dryer, Appliance, Hair Drier, and Blow Dryer

Another unexpected addition is TheraFace. “This is a new toy I just bought…it has balls and different attachments and you can do your own facial gym,” she explained. Launched earlier this year, the gadget is quickly becoming a hit at home skincare. From cryotherapy and red light therapy to microcurrent and shock therapy, it helps to firm, tone and lift the face. If Kate is a fan…well, so are we.

Cosmic Holy Mist


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Image may contain: Dryer, Appliance, Hair Drier, and Blow Dryer





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