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'The Daily Show' star Roy Wood Jr. says he's not sure he'll stay with new host

Roy Wood Jr. is still considering whether he would stay if he didn’t have a mission The Daily Show With succeeding Trevor Noah as host .

Comedian, has been at Comedy Central since ) The late night anchor’s reporter, is the latest episode of The Daily Beast’s The Last Laugh Podcast. When asked about his name being mentioned in media reports as a potential contender to replace Noah, he last episode as host on Dec. 8 airing today , Wood said he would at least consider the role if offered, although he’s not yet sure how to make his mark on the show.

“You can’t turn down an opportunity like this,” he said. “At least you can’t scoff at it. I think you have to sit down and evaluate what you want to do creatively, which is something I haven’t thought about.”

Daily Show Noah’s premiere episode premiered aired in September , 827828, called it “the good things “” He and his other reporters — including Desi Lydic, Ronny Chieng, Michael Kosta and Dulcé Sloan — could be a combination of top-tier shows. He noted that there is a “pre-set relationship” between reporters and audiences, while Not the “more chaotic” exchanges when Noah succeeded Jon Stewart.

Wood said he also took time to think about his role as a reporter if he wasn’t picked to take over How the role will evolve. As for whether he will continue the show under the new host, Wood replied: “It depends on the host. It will depend on the creative direction of the show. What do you want to do? How can I adapt? Does this creative direction fit my comedy skills and give me the opportunity to show who I am? “

He explained that during his seven-year Daily Show tenure, pursuing careers that matched his real-life interests Submarket. “When you think weird things don’t have a sense of humor, I’m never told no,” Wood continued. “So I want to make sure that whatever I do on TV — it’s daily The show and beyond – I want to make sure it equates to things I find interesting, and things I’m curious about. “

in Noah’s surprise September announcement. 29 He will leave the show and he begins his speech, mentioning that it was Wood who first reminded him that he had been the host for seven years. In the next episode, Wood addresses this by jokingly embarrassing Noah and joking, “Why did you put my name in when you resigned? ”




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