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The Danger in My Mind ‒ Episode 4

What do you think of Episode 4 of

My Dangerous Heart ?

Community Rating: 4.3 ©Norio Sakurai (Akita Boys Store)/Danger in Heart Committee 342497844_3558407051100237_670185435966991545_n.png

Now that Kyotaro has completely put down his facade and admitted that he likes Ana, it’s time for them to start interacting , so that he can stand out more. That’s basically the main basis for the episode, as the two always kind of know each other, but their more direct interactions end up being the starting ground for a somewhat believable friendship. Kyotaro still tries to hide his feelings, but still finds himself attracted to Ana. It’s funny how he sees himself as this edgy loner, even though throughout the show he’s been acting as her guardian angel, taking care of her and even trying to nudge her in the right direction. He’s still prone to overthinking, but I liked the way it was tempered in this episode, instead he ended up helping her in a more direct and natural way.

My favorite scene is when Kyotaro confronts the teacher scene and spoke on behalf of Anna. The teacher felt overwhelmed by what Kyoutaro had said, and almost forgot the purpose of calling them here in the first place. Ana has enough self-knowledge to tease and egg on Kyotaro, but the bigger question is how far can this go? The show does a great job of showing us things from only one angle, as it allows Ana to walk the line between insightful and idiot. However, the hints we’ve gotten suggest that there’s more to her than meets the eye. The question is, will these intentions manifest themselves sooner?




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