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The debut directors of “Smile” and “Causeway Bay” compete for DGA honors

Eric Appel ( Weird: Al Janko Vitch’s Story )

Famous impersonator” Weird Al”Yankovic co-wrote his screenplay for his own satirical biopic, starring Daniel Radcliffe. Appel’s film chronicles Jankovic’s rise to fame and his fictional relationship with Madonna (Evan Rachel Wood).

Elegant Bratton ( Check )

Bratton’s first feature-length film (he Take the Helm 2020 doc Pier Kids) is an autobiographical drama, Chronicles the story of a gay man (Jeremy Pope) who enlists in the Marines after he feels he has nowhere to go after being rejected by his homophobic mother (Gabrielle Union).

Mariama Diallo(Master)

Regina Hall stars as Gail Bishop in this horror flick Black women serving as dean of students at universities. Along with two other black women at the school, Gail soon discovers a disturbing underlying presence in the predominantly white institution.

Adamma Ebo ( Honk for Jesus. Save your soul. )

Power couple (Regina Hall again, this time Sterling K. Brown) running a Southern Baptist church in the wake of a major sex scandal Megachurches, they were forced to close. Ebo’s comedy saw them hire a documentary film crew to document their attempt to reopen.

Parker Finn (Smiling)

This box office giant – it grossed over $ worldwide Million Dollars – tells the story of a therapist who, after witnessing a traumatic event, comes to believe she is haunted by something otherworldly. Finn adapted from his 2020 short film, Laura Has’t Slept .

John Patton Ford (Emily the Criminal)

Aubrey Plaza was nominated for a Gotham Award for her lead role in Ford’s crime thriller about a young woman saddled with student loan debt Involved in a mega-scale credit card fraud ring.

Nikyatu Jusu (Nanny )

Jusu’s Nanny was the first horror film to win the Sundance Jury Award. It follows an undocumented Senegalese woman who takes a job as a caretaker for a wealthy Manhattan family, where a disturbing entity – possibly from her past – begins to haunt her.

Lila Neugebauer (Causeway)

Theater director Neugebauer’s film debut combines Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence with ATLANTA co-star Brian Tyree Henry responds to a veteran returning home after suffering a brain injury while stationed in Afghanistan Enrichment character studies were conducted.

BJ Novak( Revenge)

office Veteran Nowak directed, wrote and stars in this dark comedy about a New York reporter who goes south to investigate the death of a girl he had a brief affair with and tries to turn a murder mystery into a into a podcast.

Charlotte Wells( after sun )

Wells with her Self-Breakthrough won the Gotham Award for Breakthrough Director describing Sophie’s subsequent “emotional autobiographical” film as Sophie recalls a trip to the golden resort of yesteryear with her father Callum (Paul Mescal), years ago.

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