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The deep meaning behind Prince William and Kate Middleton's Boston royal tour

A group of photographers watched on as Prince William and Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, landed at Logan Airport in Boston on Wednesday. They stepped out together in dark matching suits smiling, showing a united front on their first return to the US in eight years. Hours later, two equally elegant appearances followed: the first, a meeting with Boston Mayor Michelle Wu, in which the princess wore a green Burberry tartan dress, and the second, at the Boston Celtics Sit on the sidelines during team games.

This couple is no stranger to traveling abroad, having done it dozens of times during their 11 years of marriage. Yet their three-day trip to Boston — which culminated in the second annual Champions of the Earth Awards ceremony — took on special significance.

The first one is poignant. It was their first trip since the death of Queen Elizabeth, who was in public mourning around the world, last September. Prince William said in a statement: “This is our first overseas visit since the death of my grandmother, and I would like to thank the people of Massachusetts, and especially Boston, for their many tributes to the late Queen.” Visited the US century ago to commemorate 11 years after US independence from Great Britain. Like William and Kate, she visited the Mayor at City Hall. “She thoroughly enjoyed her 1962 bicentenary visit,” William said.

However, their visit was not just to William tribute to his grandmother, and famous Boston native John F. Kennedy. The name “Earthshot” is taken from President 1962 “Moonshot”‘s speech in which he promised to put a man on the moon within ten years. In 1962, America did it. Inspired by this achievement, Welsh hope to find and fund an idea to fight global warming in the next years. Fittingly, they partnered with the John F. Kennedy Foundation to bring the award to Boston.

The Prince and Princess of Wales received flowers Thursday as they left Greentown Labs in Somerville, Massachusetts. Photo: Getty Images




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