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The dehumanization of immigration hurts us all

They were tricked into using $

Airplane McDonald’s gift card and then forced to sign they can’t sign stuff to read and then fly from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard. Republicans are happy with the stunt. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who orchestrated the entire effort, promised more: “It is not the responsibility of Floridians to fund aliens living illegally in our state; we disagree with Biden’s open borders agenda.”

Story Island of Venezuelan immigrants moving from Texas (not Florida) to Little Massachusetts dominates the news cycle. DeSantis showed himself possessing the same brutality that made Trump voters happy. People were eventually transferred to the mainland of Cape Cod, where There Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, also a Republican, found support services for them. I didn’t start crying until I read Harbour Homes’ famous quote: Shelter manager Lisa Bel Castro: “Everyone came out Say they want a job; they’re not looking for handouts. Some of these people have been through horrible things. They need a break. They need help.”

“Many politicians exploit humanity for political gain, but Mr. DeSantis’ burlesque has upended even modern American politics. Low standards,” Washington Post

wrote editorial board. “The Florida governor’s recruitment of asylum seekers as unwitting propaganda liars is nothing but his own callousness.”



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