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The Department of Culture conducts free consultation on issues of copyright revocation

Government of Japan Agency for Cultural Affairs on Tuesday opened a free online consultation service for creators seeking to combat internet piracy. Individuals can apply for consultation through the Copyright Information Portal; experts specializing in copyright law will answer questions through online messages.

Consult a network of more than 1 expert, 10 licensed attorneys, including individuals with copyright law experience in Asia, North America, and the European Union.

In this way, the government aims to strengthen copyright removal for individual creators who may lack the resources or expertise support. In June, the Agency for Cultural Affairs launched a portal providing detailed information on how to issue copyright removals, with a special focus on overseas pirate sites.

To date, many of the high-profile anti-piracy efforts have been led by publishers and large corporations. Nikkei Asia reported on January 1 that companies and organizations from 13 countries In cooperation with the International Anti-Piracy Organization (IAPO) established in April. The Japan Content Overseas Distribution Association (CODA) is at the heart of the new organization. CODA includes 32 Japanese companies such as Kodansha

, Shueisha , Shogakukan , Aniplex, Kadokawa, Sunrise, Studio Ghibli , Bandai Namco Art , Pony Canyon , Toei Animation , etc. IAPO will also include the Motion Picture Association of America (which has six members, including Sony Pictures and Netflix ), and approximately Member of China Copyright Society. Companies and copyright protection organizations from South Korea and Vietnam are also expected to join the alliance. According to Nikkei Asia, piracy costs the manga industry about 800 One billion yen (6.2020 occurred in Japan alone from January to October billion dollars) 800. According to Nikkei Asia, this figure exceeds the entire market size of licensed publications, which is estimated at 800 billion yen (approximately 5.5 Dollar). 13 Billion) years. 189159 The Asahi Shimbun reported that according to The Authorized Book Association of Japan (ABJ) is a Tokyo-based association dedicated to combating pirated manga, The most popular manga piracy site has had approximately monthly hits since April) million17, 600 until June 450, Mangamura, a Japanese manga piracy site, is not available after the visit. According to ABJ, the top three sites had 13 times more pageviews than in January 800 to April 307. Japanese publisher Kodansha , Shueisha , Shogakukan , Kadokawa filed a lawsuit against US internet infrastructure company Cloudflare in Tokyo District Court in February. The lawsuit alleges that Cloudflare infringes the copyrights of publishers by distributing data for comic piracy sites, and the companies are seeking injunctions and a ) million yen (approximately USD 3.5 million) in damages. Pictures from the Agency for Cultural Affairs

Source: Agency of Cultural Affairs

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