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The Devil is a Part-Timer Season 3 ‒ Episode 19

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It’s nice to have a plot-relevant episode follow up another plot-relevant episode without there being some massive break or deviation. That’s the pattern that the show had established before this point but now that we have just a few more weeks left, I’m hoping this is a sign that we are going towards some kind of definitive conclusion to all of the conspiracies that are revolving around our cast. Technically not a lot happened in this episode specifically but there are a lot of context clues and foreshadowing for other things that are to come. I am excited even if I feel like the series is too vague at times.

We get our first glimpse of what Emi has been doing these past few episodes at the very end. She’s not a prisoner in the traditional sense but she’s definitely in a powerless situation where she’s just sort of forced to wait until Olba and the rest of the organization fulfill whatever plans they have for her. As Maou says in a previous episode, Emi is kind of one of the strongest human beings alive so I’m assuming they have some to hang over her head to stop her from just kicking ass and taking names. At first, I thought it was her dad but since her dad was in Japan for at least the past couple of weeks, I wonder what specific leverage they’ve been using.

Speaking of leverage, I wonder if that’s why Shiro was kidnapped; so that he can be used as leverage over Maou. The plan that was executed here seemed relatively simple as that demon guy was asked to cause a ruckus to both get Chiho’s shard and potentially divert attention away so that Gabriel and the other angels could kidnap Shiro. There are some nice shenanigans in there but I do have to wonder why all of this is happening right now. Is it possible that whatever ritual is taking place is time-sensitive or are the angels just taking advantage of an opportunity while they have it with Emi not on Earth anymore?

And that’s without even getting into the beach employer that Maou and the gang worked for a while ago. I still have no fucking idea what she actually is and what her connection to the landlady is. She speaks to Gabriel as if she doesn’t know him but there did seem to be some kind of territorial understanding going on like rules of a pact that couldn’t be violated. This woman isn’t an angel and based on little we know about her backstory, she’s probably from Earth but I feel like there’s so much interesting lore that we’re just not gonna be told anytime soon. That is frustrating but if we can just continue on this path of plot revelations and forward momentum, then at this point I don’t really care as long as we reach some kind of satisfying conclusion.


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