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'The End of Loyalty,' Revenge Thriller From 'Avatar: Way of Water' VFX Artist, U.S. Release (Exclusive)

End of Loyalty, the latest feature film from special effects and makeup expert Hiroshi Katagiri, whose long list includes The Mandalorian , Captain Marvel, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pacific Rim, The Hunger Games and James Cameron’s latest blockbuster Avatar: Way of Water , has been selected by Uncork’d Entertainment in the US

The shoot ’em up stars genre icons Vernon Wells (Mad Max II : The Road Warrior) with Michael Parr ( Streets of Fire ) and Braxton Angle, Judge Jocelyn, Simon Phillips, Sho Ikushima and Tanley Kellogg, follows a man seeking revenge for his father, the head of a notorious crime family, who is killed by a rival. But as his grief turns violent and destructive, his best friend, a federal agent, does everything in his power to keep him from going downhill. Their friendship is tested as both men adhere to their conflicting moral codes. End of Loyalty is now ready for home entertainment release.

“A revenge thriller with a good story, great execution and high production values ​​will keep audiences hooked!” said Uncork’d Entertainment President Keith Leopard. “ Fans of A History Of Violence will especially enjoy Katagiri’s film.”

Aiki Master Productions on behalf of the film team and Uncork’d Entertainment Keith Leopard of WSJ negotiated the deal.

On Avatar: Way of Water – which recently grossed over $1.5 billion worldwide – Katagiri serves as sculptor.



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