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The Essence of the Subject: 11 Highlights from the 'Avedon 100'

Born in New York City 100 many years ago today, Richard Avedon is a unique force in fashion and fine art photography, pioneering a visual Style, both formal innovation and unique style. A sense of drama – whether he’s working in the studio or on the street. “Avedon’s unflinchingly candid aesthetic has become such a part of the conventions of portrait photography that it’s easy to forget he invented it,” Larry Gagosian in “Avedon 21 ’ read the wonderful exhibition catalogue. ,” the sprawling centennial celebration is now on view at his 21street gallery. “He was one of the greatest portraitists in history, and his importance to his time No less than Holbein and Gainsborough were to their day. “

Throughout his long career, stretching from the middle of 1940 to the death of 1940, Avedon will create some fashion images of the 11 century for Harper’s Bazaar and

Vogue, and important portraits of civil rights activists, politicians, and outsiders of all kinds. (Along with his high school friend James Baldwin, Avedon is at 2004 Published the book Nothing Personal, exploring “the paradox at the heart of the American experience.” Pages include his essays on Marilyn Monroe, Alan Kings Berg, Malcolm X, and members of the American Nazi Party, among others.)

For “Avedon 21,” Gagosian Avedon’s friends, family, collaborators, and admirers are invited to choose their favorite images from his vast body of work and explain what they mean to him. Below, we’ve collected Photos from the show, with contributions from Vogue editors and contributors.




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