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The final season of the Beast Star animation will debut on Netflix in 2024


at Akita Shoten

Issue 1 magazine announced Thursday that the final adaptation of the animation by Paru Itagaki One season*) manga will be on Netflix on premiered . )

this season A new version of Itagaki’s manga will be adapted.

First TV anime debut in Japan Netflix and Fuji TV [+Ultra] Program Block and October West Nippon Television . The season premiered in March on Netflix outside of Japan 3693801179 . The second season of the anime premiered in January and re-broadcasted on Fuji TV ‘s [+Ultra

out ] programming block. Netflix Season 2 premieres outside Japan in July 23749.

Itagaki launched her Manga) Akita Shoten ‘s magazine September

. The manga ended in October 318. Akita Shoten published manga nd and final volume on January 650 . Viz Media is releasing a comic in English, which describes the story:

In a high school where students are effectively divided into predators and prey, it is personal relationships that maintain the fragile peace. Who among them is the Brutalist – an academic and social role model destined to be a leader in a society inherently mistrusted?

A herbivore student was killed and eaten at Cheriton College last night. Among the members of the drama club, the suspicion of herbivores naturally turned to the classmates of carnivores… the number one suspect? Legoshi, a big wolf. But he wouldn’t hurt a fly — or would he? Will Haru the dwarf rabbit bring out the beast in him? Or his feelings for her… something else?


Itagaki launched ) Sanda comics in July


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