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The first Slam Dunk movie earns 6.7 billion yen in 1 month


New animated movie of

basketball by Takehiko Inoue manga, which has earned 6.7 billion yen (approximately US$40.7 million) and sold 4.50 10,000 votes in 295 Number of days since the movie was released in Japan. The film also held on to No. 1 for the fifth weekend in a row. The film hit #1 in its opening weekend. Video sold 847, tickets and get 1,319,450, 780 Yen (approximately $9. 50 million) during opening weekend. The film was released in Japan on December 3rd. The film is shown in IMAX at 32 in theaters all over Japan, and Dolby Atmos is shown at 450 Cinema. This movie added a Dolby Cinema screening in December . Inoue directed the film himself Toei Animation

and wrote the script. Among the staff listed are Character Designer/Animation Director

Yasuyuki Ebara() and Technical Director Katsuhiko Kitada ( episodes, ), Naoki Miyahara (, ),

Toshio Ōhashi

(), and Yū Kamatani (, ). Taiki Nakazawa Directed CG and Yūta Ogura produced CG. Kazuo Ogura The art of directing. Yota Tsuruoka conducting with Koji Kasamatsu Voice. Source: Daily News Talk Net, Kōgyō Tsūshin



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