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'The Flash' Director Andy Muskietty Backs Ezra Miller Returning to Direct Sequel

Warner Bros. ‘ Superhero movie coming in June 16 and was censored in the personal issues of its stars.

EZRA MILLER as Barry Allen The Flash in the action adventure “THE FLASH.”

Ezra Miller in The Flash Provided by Warner Bros. Pictures

andFlash Movie Production Man Andy Muschietti is finally ready to start the embattled star Ezra Miller Involved in a possible sequel Warner Bros. . Superhero close-up.

Muschietti sits down with producing partner Barbara Muschietti for an upcoming episode of the podcast Discourse Podcast before the movie June 16 Released. In a preview of the talk, Andy Muskietty was asked if he planned to reprise the role for Miller in any future films the director might helm DC Studios Franchise. In The Flash , Miller played two versions of Barry Allen.

“If [the sequel] happens, yes,” he said of Miller, who uses the they/their pronoun, possibly repeating Barry Allen in future projects. “I don’t think anyone can play this character quite like them. The other descriptions of this character are great, but this particular vision of this character, they’re just good at doing it. And, as you say, these two Barry – felt like a role made for them.”

Barbara Muschietti also praised Miller’s work on the upcoming film Appreciation: “In principal photography, Ezra was brilliant and the most dedicated and professional [actor]. Ezra gave everything for this role – physically, creatively and emotionally. They were absolutely crowning.”

Release of The Flash has been a long wait since the title was delayed by COVID and has been the subject of scrutiny around Miller’s personal issues. Performer at the center of multiple criminal investigations pleaded guilty in January to Illegal intrusion, issued a statement said last August they had been seeking treatment for “complex mental health issues”.

As previously reported The Hollywood Reporter , Warner Bros already has for Script for Flash Sequel Written by Aquaman David Leslie Johnson -McGoldrick, in case next month’s movie hits.

The Flash earning strong Reaction when it was shown at CinemaCon Last month, Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav called it his favorite superhero movie of all time. January, three months after the news broke James Gunn and Peter Safran to take over as boss of DC Studios, Gunn at a meeting with members of the media said The Flash is “probably one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.”

Muschietti’s feature film is the second of four DC movies to hit theaters this year in March’s Shazam! The wrath of the gods . (Blue Beetle is due out in August and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom opens on Christmas Day.) Gunn told reporters that all four films The stars of both are likely to reprise their roles in later DCU projects: “There’s nothing stopping that from happening.” However, sequels to those films have not been announced as part of Gunn and Safran’s upcoming plans.

THR reported last week That The Flash is eyeing opening weekend

in $0002 Million range , which would serve as a soft launch for a anchor film that has already received a massive marketing push. 1235501230 THR Communications1235501230

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