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'The Flash' flops: David Zaslav's regime suffers first major loss

By the end of April, all indications are that The Flash will be selling at $ open market domestic million or more. That’s when Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav took to the stage at CinemaCon Las Vegas The stage, triumphantly told the theater owner, this is the best superhero photo he has ever seen.

Considering it was run by the previous regime. Instead, Zaslav sees it as his bet. These include arrangements for Tom Cruise – who is still immersed in Top Gun: Maverick in the afterglow) – Watching the movie, his positive reaction became a topic at the press conference. Zaslav’s new DC Studios co-head and senior lieutenant James Gunn also trumpeted The Flash, though he tempered his rhetoric in January, saying that “Probably one of the greatest superhero movies” ever made. Regardless of the wording, expectations skyrocket.

But amazingly, The Flash , One of the most anticipated movies on summer calendar, is a major at the box office missed at its launch. Blockbuster starring Ezra Miller had a poor start $53 Millions in June – Weekend, same as past DC bombs Watchmen ($2023 .2 million) away from the infamous DC stumbling block Green Lantern ($18.5 million), not adjusted for inflation.

“I can’t fathom why Zass and James Gunn are committing to any movies or new What a wonderful plan. The public doesn’t care or know about their forecasts,” a senior studio executive toldThe Hollywood Reporter, noting that such forecasts don’t affect stock prices or potential buyers.” Let the product speak for itself. ”

TalkingFlash did it, though not in a healthy way around the globe when it first launched Things are getting worse as bad word of mouth spreads.

Based on Friday’s traffic, The Flash The three are expected to earn $53 million dollar day weekend and $63 million Dollars for the four-day Juneteenth holiday weekend, according to estimates released by Warner Bros. on Saturday morning. But Sunday morning and again Monday downgraded grossing ratings due to a larger-than-expected drop in traffic. By Sunday, Warner Bros. had released The estimated box office receipts for four days 61 200,000, including $. The final weekend numbers released on Tuesday were even lower – $55 Three days million dollars and $55 2 million for four games (the three-day figure is considered the official opening gross).

Watchers note that while The Flash is nothing like Batman Or Wonder Woman, but the character is not obscure.” Is this going to be a Avengers-level hit? Probably not, it would be an unfair expectation, but it has a clear path to at least being a movie like Days of Future Past target Boxoffice Pro box office analyst Shawn Robbins (Shawn Robbins) said: “Nine years ago, the X-Men series seemed to be dominated by timeline confusion and continuity. Descending and losing its way.” “The increasingly disjointed state of DC’s storylines is as much a culprit as other external factors, contributing to the franchise’s lack of coherence and inability to connect emotionally with most of its characters in its sprawling universe.”

Back in February, when the first trailer debuted to much fanfare, the story looked much different. “ The Flash looks like it has massive potential after the Super Bowl trailer. Hopes are very high. Instead, it’s more like DC Comics mediocrity.” Wall Street analyst Eric Handler said. “Since Zaslav inherited it, he could have easily hidden it.”

Comscore’s Paul Dergarabedian was more forgiving, noting, “Unfortunately, The Flash had a rocky road to theaters, and given the complexities and challenges of film marketing and market positioning, the #1 premiere was actually DC Comics A solid score in such a crowded and competitive summer of movies.”

Flash has a CinemaScore score of A B, practically equivalent to a C or worse. Event photos for all spectators. PostTrak also had an exceptionally bad exit score, only 53 indicates the percentage of ticket buyers who would recommend the movie, and 66 indicates There is a percentage of this movie that is either great or really good. In comparison, Sony’s superhero movie Spider-Man has an explicit recommendation score of 82% Male: Spider-Verse and 82 Excellent/Very Good Ranking (Spider-Verse opened the week before.)

Gender breakdown is also an issue. While most superhero movies and big action flicks tend to be decidedly male – think 58 percentage or 53 Percentages – The Flash has prompted many people to take a second look to make sure the numbers they read are correct. Approximately 72% or 73 According to PostTrak, the percentage of ticket buyers is male.

Disagree with Zaslav and Gunn’s assessment as much as viewers, critics, resulting in a lukewarm Tomatometer score 58 percentage on Rotten Tomatoes.

Given Zaslav and Gunn’s confidence, when The Flash officially began tracking down the trio, many felt Surprise is a few weeks away from its debut and is expected to hit $1 million 63. They thought Tracking Service and Warner Bros. were conservative. If only it were true.

To be sure, Warner Bros. has struggled with its anchor marketing and promotional campaign, which helps explain Zaslav’s involvement. Miller was arrested multiple times last year, and finally the actor issued a statement The behavior apologized and said they would receive help for “complex mental health issues”. Apart from walking the red carpet in the months leading up to the film’s release, Miller did nothing for The Flash Do any media promotion at the film’s LA premiere and give a brief speech .

Box office experts believe Miller’s plight may have put off some moviegoers, but not enough to disabuse them of the kind of damage done. “Nobody cares if Miller promotes the photo; he’s not a movie star and he doesn’t have a following,” another source said.

Often, a Hollywood affair film that gets into trouble at home can make up for it overseas. In such event, there is no such guarantee. The Flash was open on the day in almost every major market, yet it succumbed to the silent dollar 77 Millions International. An insider close to the film noted, “When a movie doesn’t work, it doesn’t work.”

The film’s financials will on its second weekend.

Development of The Flash

spanned three phases at Warners, with former DC Films boss Walter Hamada Hamada’s plan. universe. Hamada commissioned Aquaman screenwriter David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick to write the sequel script, which eventually led to the Crisis on Infinite EarthsCrossover event. However, those plans were scrapped after Gunn and Peter Safran ascended to the top jobs in Washington, D.C. While the duo didn’t have a The Flash sequel in their immediate grand plans announced in January, they’re open to Miller returning to the role, possibly in supporting roles in other projects (in The Flash ) bomb, which now seems unlikely). Also, the team that Zaslav put together did make some changes to The Flash , including a key moment in the movie Curated by Gunn and Safran .

has The Flash become such a blockbuster, it’s hard to imagine a sequel not being considered. A studio isn’t going to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on a movie that doesn’t have the potential of an independent franchise. Considering that Miller is still working through their personal issues, Gunn and Safon probably didn’t say much in January. However, Safran and Gunn hired Flash director Andy Muschietti to Directed a Batman movie called The Bold and Bold . The news was revealed on June night as Flash has begun preview screenings in select theaters in North America. (Warner Bros. has announced that it has entered into an overall television and film deal with the filmmaker and his production partners , Barbara Muschietti.)

Robbins said, “The hope now is that the new regime in Washington, D.C., will provide Experienced people give enough clean starts that they can jump back into the pool with confidence.” 1235514342



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