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The Flowers of Evil’s Shūzō Oshimi Designs Doku Musume Film’s Character, Launches Spinoff Manga

Manga creator Shūzō Oshimi () will launch Chi-chan, a spinoff manga based on the character he designed for the spring 2024 horror movie Doku Musume (Poison Girl). The manga series debuts in Kodansha‘s in 2024.

Image via Comic Natalie

The film itself is based on a story that spread on anonymous Internet message boards in 2011. It follows a newlywed family who move into a new home. They are soon confronted by Chi-chan (pictured above right), a woman with large scissors who mysteriously appears in their home. Aimi Satsukawa (, Himeanole, , above left) plays the newlywed wife Hagino.

This is the first time that Oshimi has designed a character for a live-action film. Eisuke Naitō (live-action , films) is directing the film. Naitō was already a fan of Oshimi’s works, and he personally asked Oshimi to design the film’s title character since she is reminiscent of character Sawa Nakamura and Nora from Oshimi’s manga.

Oshimi’s () manga recently ended publication on August 9. Oshimi launched the manga in in April 2020. Kodansha published the seventh and final volume on October 6. Kodansha USA Publishing released the fifth volume on September 12.

Vertical published Oshimi’s in English, and the manga inspired a 2013 television anime series, and a live-action film that opened in September 2019. Oshimi’s manga inspired a live-action series adaptation in March 2017, and his manga also inspired a live-action series in 2009. His manga inspired a live-action film in 2014.

Oshimi launched the manga in in February 2015, and ended the series in March 2019. Kodansha USA Publishing is releasing the manga in English. Vertical is also publishing Oshimi’s manga.

Manga publisher Denpa is releasing Oshimi’s () manga. The manga inspired a live-action film that opened in Japan in July 2018. Denpa also released Oshimi’s manga.

Source: Comic Natalie



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