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The French-Inspired Winter Hair Trend Stars Can't Get Enough of

At the beginning of the year — and for a while before that — the only hairstyle making beauty headlines was the bob. no longer. The most popular winter hairstyles right now are for long hair—the French New Wave is everywhere. Tried by everyone from Priyanka Chopra to Irina Shayk and Dua Lipa, the trend is “a subtle cool-girl hairstyle with softer waves and less pronounced texture,” according to hairstylist Syd Hayes.

Irina Shayk at UKVogue Forces for changing dinner.

Photo: Getty Images

While the Pre-Raphaelite curls — which were everywhere on the Metropolitan Museum of Art red carpet in May — are another popular hairstyle trend this year, French New Wave looks are simpler and more relaxed, with lots of texture but with a brushed feel. “Compared to classic flat beach waves, it feels more refined and premium,” says Hayes. “Think looser, lighter, more grown-up, but with a polished finish.”

The kind of hairstyle our Parisian counterparts are particularly good at, French New Wave imperfections with polished edges. “It feels like second-day hair, but shiny and effortless—the perfect winter hairstyle,” adds Hayes.



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