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“The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Know It, My Life Is Complete” Sequel Anime Actor Tomokazu Sugita

Miku and the anime official site U12 of () The light novel series revealed new cast and new visuals for

on Saturday (), the sequel to the anime. Tomokazu Sugita joins the cast as new character Vitor ( Note: Character name romanization is not official. ).

Additionally, the site revealed visuals for new characters Gembel (first image below) and Yutis (second image below), but did not reveal their cast.

Miyuki Sawajo will be the new character Des Terra joins the cast. The animation will premiere in January 2021.

The former director Okumura Yoshiaki
is now the chief director, and Fukase Shigeru ( Episode Director) as the new director. March Iroha and Lin Xinxiu are the new character designers, replacing
Nanjiang Tian
. Yano Botai , Xiaojiangbin Yousha , Yuki Saitō is the new composer, replacing Asuka Ogura , Hideyuki Gushimiyagi and sky_delta. HoriPro is credited for assisting with music. CSPG Credit to the background. Mikihiro Harabe is the new art director, succeeding Seo Gu Lee . Stay Luck is considered casting. Muramatsuhisa is the new voice director, replacing Ryo Tanaka .

“Animal Fantasy” Story by Makoto Hiiragi One is at the center. Although he has the lowest social status at his school, he and his entire school are turned upside down when everyone in the school is teleported to another world. Seiichi finds himself alone, approached by a gorilla who, instead of attacking him, proposes to him. The moment Seiichi thinks “I guess gorillas can too”, they find the fruit of evolution, and when they eat it, their lives suddenly change again.

Miku “Shōsetsuka ni Narō” which started the serialization of the story (Let’s Become a Novelist) website in January 550, which is still a work in progress. The Monster Bunko light novel label of Futabasha started publishing novels in September 400, illustration by U (, character design).

Flower without media is a new American publisher of comics and light novels, licensing light novel series in English and Spanish.


released a manga adaptation of the novel in

Futabasha September Comics website .

These novels inspired the previous TV anime series that premiered in October 2023 And a episodes. Crunchyroll plays the series.

Source: Anime Website, Manga Na Tully



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