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The Galaxy Next Door ‒ Episode 6

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When Goshiki shows up at another manga creator’s studio, he immediately gets a character he thinks is her terrified. It is understandable that he does not believe that she is real

A well-bred young woman, let alone a princess from an isolated island community, because these things have been outdated in the last century, at least in the eyes of most people. Even Goshiki realizes that the way she expresses herself is a little too much; watching her back off and say that “being a princess” is her hobby is one of the most human moments she’s ever experienced in this story. But all of this highlights just how warm Ichiro and his siblings are to Ohshiro when she shows up next to her own insecurities.

The more time she stays in the mainland The longer she gets along with ordinary people, the more painfully she realizes her own upbringing. Things she can easily dismiss suddenly become extra important to her, as we see Madge having to teach her proper manners when the family goes to a barbecue joint. (At first, I thought she was trying to turn the meat with her own chopsticks rather than the communal chopsticks, so I missed the whole “pliers” thing too.) Machi didn’t take her instructions with contempt, it was just a child’s reluctance to teach Adults are passionate about anything, but Goshiki works harder than she should. Plus she doesn’t feel ready to help manga creators because she doesn’t read as well as they do, and she doesn’t know how to use digital tools. The island made her confront her own flaws, which became increasingly difficult for her.

That’s why it’s so important Ichiro decides to write her a letter. It was the result of his awareness that there was some turmoil in her, although he didn’t realize the extent of it. He just wanted to assure her that he

thought she was great, and for him a letter in comic format was the way to go. He came up with as many as eighty pages, and it showed how much he liked her. When he does something like this, it doesn’t really matter if their romance is story-wise, especially when she needs them the most.

This storyline shows a lot of Goshiki’s How much harm the people did in elevating her “above” everyone else. Whether it’s worth it or not, telling a little girl she’s too special to go out with other kids and make them so scared of letting her get her clothes dirty that they won’t let her eat or play with them is horrible, and Goshiki looks at Fumio and Machi and she begins to realize this. Compare the one-off scene where Ichiro ties Fumio’s bib around his neck to the one where Koshiori is forced to sit aside – Fumio is fully involved in the meal, even if he somehow lights things up, Machi and Ichiro are there support him. No one has ever done this for Goshiki; in fact, Ichiro’s letter may be the first time anyone has praised her for being herself. While the kids are cute and the romance is sweet, the real work of the series is how Goshiki starts to really think about herself, and this episode does a good job of reminding us of that.




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