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'The Glass Onion' and 'Yellowstone' to wrap up in 2022, streaming weeks

The “Knockout” sequel holds the record for the best week for a film in Nielsen’s two-year ranking.

Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Glass Onion: Mystery of the Wild Everett

According to Nielsen streaming rankings, Americans are in Last week spent a lot of time watching movies .

Netflix’s The Glass Onion: Mysteries of the Wild created the largest weekly ranking in Nielsen’s weekly list for more than two years, and the other four films also set a record of at least million minutes of viewing time. Jack Ryan Repeated for Top Original Series , and Yellowstone Park welcomes the biggest Streaming week at Peacock.

Glass Onion There are 2.76 Billion minutes watched this week in December to January 1st, starting on the 2nd. billion dollars debut weekend . This is equivalent to10.Millions of full screenings67 minutes of movie and the highest viewing time for a feature film in the Nielsen rankings. (Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+ was the previous record holder 2.76 Billion minutes in opening week.)

Other movies over

million minutes Ozeki is Netflix’s Matilda: The Musical ( 839 million) , Invitation card (573 million) and troll (501 million ) and Disney+’s Oddworld ( 753 million).

In terms of series, Jack Ryan #1 in Originals for the second week in a row, Prime Video subscribers watched 1.20 A Billion Minutes of Spy Thriller – Slim Percentage decrease from the previous week. Wednesday (1.11 billion minutes) followed by Emily at Paris(1.19 billion minutes ) ahead of

Recently updated The Recruit (912 ten thousand) third place. The Witcher: Blood Origin has a A solid opening – though not at the level of its parent show – has 953 ten thousand minutes.

Yellowstone Park jumped 67 Weekly Peacock Percentage as Program Record 1. Billion minutes watched. The NBCUniversal streamer has the show’s first four seasons in its library, and the fifth season’s midseason finale airs Jan. 1 on the Paramount Network.

Nielsen’s streaming ratings include viewing on TV only and do not include minutes watched on computer or mobile devices. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. December’s Top Streaming Titles 26 to January 1st as follows.


1. The Glass Onion: Mystery of the Wild (Netflix), 2.66 ten Hundreds of millions of minutes of views 2. Jack Ryan (Prime Video), 1.25 Billion
12353045743. Wednesday (Netflix), 1. 23 billion1235310177 4. Emily in Paris (Netflix ), 1.20 Billion
12353113945. Yellowstone National Park (Peacock), 1 . Billion

12353113946. Recruit (Netflix), 953 million

1235311394 7. Cocomelon (Netflix), 932 million12353113948. The Witcher: Bloodborne (Netflix ) , 912 million9. Matilda: The Musical (Netflix), 753 million

. Treason (Netflix), 790 million

Original series

1. Jack Ryan , 1.20 Billion minutes

2. Wednesday , 1.23 Billion

12353045743. Emily in Paris , 1 .23 Billion 12353113944. move , 953 million12353113945. The Witcher: Bloodborne, 912 million
6. treason , 790 million

7. Best Actor: Final Chapter (Peacock),651million

8. Alice in Borderlands(Netflix), 139 million
9. I am a killer (Netflix) , 84 million
. Crown (Netflix), 66 million

Acquisition series

1. Yellowstone Park , 1. Billion minutes

2. Cocomelon, 932 million
12353113943. NCIS (Netflix) , 753 million

4. Bluey (Disney+), 741 million

5. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max ), 651 million

6. Friends (HBO Max), 651 Hundred Ten thousand

7. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 501million

8. Internship Doctor Grey (Netflix), 458 million
9. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+) , 458 million

. White Lotus (HBO Max) , 456 million

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