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The Global Guide to Refining Your Closet

Make Nu, United Kingdom

Make Nu founders Daisy Marlow and Laura Johnson worked with local embroiderers, darners and seamstresses to follow the instructions on the jar It does what it says, breathing new life into old clothes while keeping the craftsmanship alive.

John Lobb Concierge Service, Global

British shoemaker’s concierge service designed to pamper it using the brand’s signature190 Step manufacturing process. From refinishing and repriming to polishing, this leather spa promises dramatic results.

Brunello Cucinelli Care, Worldwide

This Italian luxury brand offers the following services to its artisans in Solomeo for customers who want special care for their garments . Repairing is not a practice, but an art form, says Brunello Cucinelli.

Tilly, France

Trusted tailoring service in France, offering first-class repair and remodeling services.

Ginza Sneaker Villa, Japan

Ginza Sneaker Villa is located inside the iconic Tokyo Hankyu men’s department store, allowing customers to experience the “sneaker hospital” and schools” to clean and repair shoes. Visitors can also browse the sneaker museum and shop for styles old and new.

Re Clothing, Philippines

A sustainable fashion store in the Philippines offering affordable handmade clothing. In addition to upcycled pieces, Re Clothing also features a second-hand section and tailoring services.

Leather Spa, US

With stores throughout New York, this company specializes in the expert repair and maintenance of handbags, shoes and leather accessories.

by Ornela Tailors of America

Ornela Flamuri is one of the most skilled tailors in New York City, known and loved by fashionable women for her surgeon – like hands. Trained in Albania and raised in a family of tailors, she can repair any rip, tear or hole no matter the fabric. Flamuri can also make your creations bigger, smaller, or combine them into whole new looks.

Yumetsuki, Kyoto, Japan

Want to make something old and something new again? Kyoto Monsuki is dyed using the Japanese eco-friendly process shinkuro.

Allude, Germany

This German cashmere brand offers a “clinic” where people wash and remove pills from their clothes, and Repair the Seams

United Pair Centre, Global

The organization aims to help clothing brands in Europe achieve their circular goals by providing them with high Quality clothing repair services.

RM Williams, Australia

Under its new brand strategy, luxury footwear brand “Crafted for Life” announces various sustainable developments Initiatives — including increasing its product takeback and in-house repair services, as well as refurbishment and takeback programs.



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