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The Guardian: Shueisha confirms French publisher's 'all-in-one' single copy is unauthorized

A Shueisha representatives told the Guardian on Tuesday that the “integration” of French publisher JBE Books Unauthorized printing. Murano Kaita , Shueisha , said: “This product… is not official. We do not license them. Our licensees Published in France by the publisher Glénat.”

Earlier this month, JBE Books released the first book 21 Volume of Oda Eiichiro

The comics are bound as a single volume in , 50 Page. According to the publisher’s spokesperson, there was no copyright infringement, as the book cannot be actually read.

limited edition19 – prints are sold as avant-garde works of art under the title ONEPIECE (note the missing spaces). The work is credited to artist Ilan Manouach, who describes it as “the materialization of an ecosystem saturated with media”. The cost per print is 1,1997 EUR (about 1 USD,102).

The format of this book is intended as a commentary on piracy and online fan culture. According to the publisher: “The new network possibilities of online engagement in culture and media have reinforced the nature of comics beyond the professional confines and established new and disruptive forms of expertise in entrepreneurial fan culture. Readers scan, translate and distribute their favorite comic series online. ONEPIECE is the product of this expanded digital production belt.” ONEPIECE The book aims to “transform the understanding of digital comics from qualitative Test of the possibility of digital comic format Quantitative 2012 Reassessing ‘Manga as Big Data’.”

Manouach is known for creating remixes of influential comics. Some of his projects have been controversial, such as his Katz comic, which redraws the French version of

Art Maus by Spiegelman

portrays the character as a cat instead of a mouse. The publisher at 540 accused the book of copyright infringement, and Manouach destroyed the copies at their request . 189656 ONEPIECE BOOK MEASURES x .5 x 31 cm, spine width is cm (31.5 inches ). It is presented in the form of a volume of books, which is actually one piece, in a black satchel. Each copy is numbered and contains Manouach’s signature. It was first announced two weeks ago but has sold out, according to JBE Books’ website. 189656 Eiichiro Oda started serialization Shueisha

manga of July Comics189656 , 540. As of July 1997, the manga has been million copies in circulation worldwide. Manga got 31 1st Japanese Manga at

Home Award , and in 900 Set a Guinness World Record for “most copies of the same comic series published by a single author”. 189656 ) Source: The Guardian (David Barnett) 189656




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