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The Harem of the Labyrinth of Another World – Chapter 9

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Every Wednesday I will play the latest episode of

Desperately hoping it can afford me Something interesting, interesting or interesting topic. And then, every Wednesday, I inevitably get disappointed by the utterly dull, frustrating way that every episode keeps playing. It doesn’t seem fair, does it? My esteemed contemporaries were able to make delightful lemonades with lemons. James must play Fruit of Evolution

and its ridiculous scatter And a complete lack of animation consistency. Steve was able to revel in . Heck, I myself had a lot of fun in the past accepting embarrassing slogans like ) or hilarious roller coasters like . Harem Labyrinth Probably almost nothing by comparison Give it to me, but oh god, I have to try. In addition to elaborating, I can certainly do something

by commenting on the latest episode The show’s exhausting procedural approach or the frustrating underlying sociopath of what-if analytical writing. Okay, then What do we get? Ugh, we saw Michio’s nipples at the start of the episode during a morning sex session with Roxanne! Essential male nipples? It’s a bit of a classic, right? In fact, for those who paid the extra quarter mile for those uncensored versions, there’s more skin-exposing focus in this episode, nominally focusing on Michio finally taking a shower like this story. So Michio imagined a little imaginary point of Roxanne, who has now seen him naked and hooking up with him dozens of times, stripping naked to take a shower, and then it ended up happening to him. Yes, I could easily bake up hilarious purple prose, Michio’s account of his trip to Bone Town with Roxanne on a bathing trip, like any 14-year-old’s first foray into erotic fiction. But hey, at least it’s some

kind of like an offshoot of a sex scene , the authorship here actually comes off, like they’re more interested in this extremely vanilla situational fantasy than the whole slavery thing. Actually the slave here The element is just uncomfortable next to Michio’s efforts to get the tub to work as intended, inspiring Roxanne to “reward” him with this hot party. It’s a classic misconceived application of mechanical effort that deserves the benefits of those instantly satisfying companionships, rather than connecting with someone just out of interest or sympathy for them – oh no, here I go . Uh…hey, is it really super fun that we switch to the couple’s post-coital hug almost immediately after Roxanne announces to her milquetoast host “I’ll {verb}your{noun} too”? I choose to believe it’s played in real time, and Michio did shoot all his mana after just one skate. Look, it’s lively in this harem in another world! I can give it What credit, what can be charitable is called The connection between Michio and Roxanne has formed more consistent threads than normal with this episode. After cruising through the kobolds, they can autopilot in the new dungeons and even go back to the old valley maze for a few quick scenes, and we caught up with them when we actually needed to try Against enemies and their ability to cause status effects. Michio’s concern about not wanting Roxanne to “lose” to the kind of fight she’s happy to engage in seems to be largely based on the idea of ​​property and ownership, and their interactions still operate on trade missions to take hits and heals, rather than Michio’s involvement in Roxanne being a fighter with People of their own motives, and—Dangit, no! The monsters they fight in this part are called “Beeping Sheep”. ‘Beep ‘! This is objectively hilarious, I hope Harem Labyrinth

provides that An earlier recreation of the baseline in place of those endless tree monsters that our heroes are cutting down.

as in the whole There are enough really interesting gimmicks scattered along the way, and this episode pretty much makes up for the parts of the series that are only considered interesting. The build-up and reduction of the kobold’s slow and weak attack is really well executed. Like I said, overall, the presentation of this thing is actually pretty good, passion Familiar with animation production. It was only hindered by the tasteless oatmeal they insisted on, so we just had to watch Michio and Roxanne build the fence, do the laundry, cook the stew…

…well, actually that stew even managed to prove it The Ascent of Harem Labyrinth of

ecchi The ambition is here, the dirty joke about Roxanne swallowing the delicious heavy white cream that her master offers. Like if it were more often that smart to that extent, rather than simply content with Michio blushing like a schoolboy at countless glimpses of his wife’s cleavage, this series would have been enough for me to avoid it by complaining about them Great time to avoid stuffing things all the time in this show grinding (in the maze) and grinding (in the bed).

Maybe it’s just me Try to master any about

The rest of the this week’s harem labyrinth , maybe really a little more, but at least I think there’s one thing to even complain about An episode is also more diverse. Here, an amateurish, uneven effort on a narrative theme might even pay dividends for next week’s title’s most incredibly underutilized element, Michio finally decides

Increases his slave count to something similar to an actual harem at the end of this one. Of course Michio’s solution to Roxanne being in too much danger in combat is to buy off another person and force her to be in danger in combat, which has something to say about the aforementioned push at the heart of the writing of uncensored sociopaths. he. Just talk about it

, at least that series has a basic understanding Character, conflict and motivational writing to build a scenario where we get explained why

characters will feel compelled to turn to personal ownership to act as party mates. Harem Labyrinth Just assume everyone watching is like an anti Societal like no further elaboration –

I mean uh text box censorship and boring game mechanics procedurals and vanilla sex scenes, hey, this show isn’t just so

Ridiculously incompetent?


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