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The Harem of the Labyrinth of Another World – Episode 11

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If you haven’t watched this episode Harem Labyrinth But let me save you some time: here is Shirley’s character page on the official Harem Labyrinth website. You’re looking at that PNG while reading this sentence: In this episode, Michio goes to Alan’s store to buy sherry to join his party. There, you just got the sum total of your experience with this episode. There isn’t even any censored sexy content for you to find uncut screenshots. You’re welcome.

But for all People doing longer, professional assessments “happened” in this episode, well, we’re finally there, everyone. 11 full episodes, but at the end of this episode, at the end There is actually a harem in this labyrinth in another world. Strictly speaking in a technical sense at the moment, because the midget girl Sherry really just elevates Michio and Roxanne’s established relationship to a triple state, and Roxanne clarifies in this episode that she doesn’t even consider herself Michio’s “wife” anyway point. But as exhausted as I am from the monotonous journey here, I’ll take it. Harem Labyrinth May Have Been Many Crimes But At Least False Advertising is no longer one of them.

Technically , Sherry is the main attraction of the episode, effectively each Harem Labyrinth in the same way. Honestly, her presence and treatment in that frame only highlights the consistent mediocrity of this presentation. For weeks, Michio has been idly brooding that he should consider buying another party member, finally plucking up courage for it in this episode with a tone akin to someone folding all the piles of laundry around a nearby chair. . I don’t know, when the act of acquiring sex slavery is presented as you resign with “uh, good

!” Although maybe I’m not familiar enough with that particular subculture. Slave ownership is

ostensibly not wanting to do one’s own work, after all.

That is, The Sherry-inspired setting comes with a few details that only raise more questions about the story’s treatment of slavery, how the author thinks it should work, and how it actually works in this world. I can buy (for the time being, for my own sanity) that the series is bound to gloss over the scarier details of how Roxanne actually ended up in the slave trade, as it sticks even more oddly to an otherwise simple slice of life. But then this one The episode emerged, springboard from Michio’s decision to buy his own dwarven blacksmith to avoid being ripped off by one of the independently hired blacksmiths, and it’s clear that the show might just be outright not knowing what the word means. For logistical reasons, the dwarves made a full statement, seemingly at their own request, “don’t be a slave to the blacksmith too often”, and I went So

a lot more questions than I had eleven weeks ago.

mentioned here Between Roxanne’s previous explanation, she now seems to treat the whole arrangement more like a knight or a loyal servant, respectfully swearing allegiance to her master, giving the impression of being behind the author Harem Labyrinth either just don’t really understand what slavery actually is, or they do understand and just ignore it, Frameworks that use nominally fetish elements in support of their own soft builds, without asking about any structural, sociological basis or personal aspects that would otherwise come naturally. It does help with further clarification, although I’d very much like the harem maze

is stupid and I can never document the criticism being “offended” because it uses slavery as a driving plot point. You have superficial signs like collars to look at these women on the show floor like you’re in the window for a new motorcycle, but other than that they don’t seem to care about mechanics, exploitation or whatever way, aside from getting these girls into Michio’s family, with as little real personal interaction as possible. Then it’s all right What is the effect of sherry? When Roxanne gets paid, she asks with few questions how she actually ended up in the situation. Instead, most of the discussion is about her turn, back to those mechanical elements, in this case, Michio and co. Actually don’t know how many game coding mechanics affect her and her skills. Of course, the question doesn’t get much dramatic impetus, even if it tells the unique trait of Shelly’s lack of confidence in her ability to get a job as a blacksmith. Rather, it’s obviously just a detail introduced to add her to the party in this case, so that we can get Michio to work on her as much as possible in the upcoming episodes. It’s like the whole maze queue/toll system because it really only exists to watch the protagonist walk around, otherwise there’s nothing to see except him hooking up with his harem, who’s watching this show That?

This is the introduction of brand new The characters confirm the titular concept of the whole story: aside from some squeaky lines from Sherry interspersed in Michio’s deal, the episode is about the same price as characters sitting in kitchens and conference rooms discussing party logistics or negotiating slaves Like selfless used car deals. We spend more time watching Michio’s party walk out of Alan’s store, saying goodbye to them, and activating their status menu, than digging into Sherry’s personality, charm, or why your audience as a participant wants to make her Your grandfather. In animation, causing this reaction is really its only purpose, if it can’t even do that, what’s the point?


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