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The Haunting of Tilda Swinton and Joanna Hogg

Swinton: There’s also something about the setting, the disruption of the relationship between mother and daughter. The daughter is in control, the one is assuming paying for the hotel, doing all the bookings, making all the arrangements. She is the mastermind of it all. Children who grow up have responsibilities and conflicts with them, occasionally want to be children again, and can feel frustrated and even scared in the room when parents become incompetent and the child is the only adult. In the hotel, the whole chaos is possible because all the boundaries of power are broken or not established as they were in Rosalind’s house.

Hogg: When my mother and I go to these hotels, my mother will insist on paying. So, as a daughter, I feel obligated to make everything about her perfect and beautiful. That was Julie’s drive to want her mom to be happy forever, a drive reinforced by the fact that I didn’t pay for it. From the very beginning I was in the child’s position. I’m absolutely fascinated by these dynamics.

I want to ask Tilda in the

eternity Female. How does this compare to the process or psychology of playing multiple roles in Orlando() and at gusts (2018)? Is there a different intensity or an extra dimension to having multiple characters in the film and having dialogue?

Swinton: I find it completely, naturally fascinating. I’m making a quick list in my head. [These different characters] always end up being a portrait in some way. For example, in Okja (2016) identical twins are developed in mutual relationship The. One goes one way and the other goes another way. But they’re still one entity, if you will. In Hail Caesar! (2016), they are identical twins. So, they are also a character. In the Suspiria, it was something me and Luca [Guadagnino] were interested in – in fact, I played three Role. They actually develop relative to each other. Again, this is an interesting portrait. They are sort of like superego, ego and id. [The Eternal Daughter], of course, is the highest, highest value, because — without spoiler — we finally realize why it’s so important to The same person plays two [roles]. In this case, it is absolutely necessary that both mother and daughter are played by the same person. Another major difference between this particular [movie] and the others I mentioned earlier is that we wanted to use the least number of masks. We wanted both portraits to be as natural…real as possible, because I’m still a very old woman who was born in a different era and spoke [a different] language and moved in a certain way. So, in many ways, I don’t Think of it as multiple roles. I see it as portraits and projections. I know this sounds like a spoiler, but it’s true. It can even be dual projection if you prefer.



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