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The Heirs' Sarah Snook Breaks Down Shiv's Big News and Why She's Keeping It Secret (For Now)

[This story contains spoilers for Inheritance Season 4, Episode four, “Honeymoon Country.” A lot has changed in what happened after Logan Roy’s death. But in the game of Waystar Royco’s successor Chess, all the main characters in the HBO Media family saga have a subtle reveal: Shiv Roy is pregnant.

Sarah Snook opened the big development kit for her character when visiting HBO’s Succession

podcast, explaining why Shiv chooses not to be with her Brothers share news with husband Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) despite their premiere Decided to divorce .

Shiv’s pregnancy “has been a topic of discussion for Jesse in the writers room,” Snook told reporter and host Kara Swisher about the creator Jesse Armstrong plans for her character. Meanwhile, it is revealed that

Snook is pregnant herself and is expecting husband Dave Lawson (Dave Lawson) first child.

Telling this storyline in the 4th and final season, like the stakes for the successor After her father, media mogul

Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) provides Snook with a wealth of material she The role played in four Emmy-winning and beloved seasons.

“Shiv has some pretty mixed feelings about becoming a mother,” Snook said, explaining that Shiv was unresponsive to the good news from her doctor, who called to tell her the amnion Result of puncture. “She feigns indifference in some ways, because it’s one of those things that’s almost hard to deal with, and she doesn’t like to deal with emotions. It’s easier to repress things. She’s in competition with her own mother’s feelings, and she wants to improve her motherhood quality, but the fear that she might not be able to do it. A fear and frustration that all the things that she was working on and aiming for, she might not be able to achieve now because she’s going to be a mother and a business woman, two things How things have come together in her life? She hasn’t really thought about this as her path in life, so it’s shocking.”

Snook added, For Shiv, “In a way, it would be easier if something went wrong, so she could have a reason to terminate and not feel guilty. But nothing wrong, no reason not to continue.”

Roy Brothers and Sisters (Sarah Snook, Jeremy Ster Lang and Kieran Culkin ) in “Honeymoon In the Country,” written by creator Jesse Armstrong and directed by Lorene Scafaria.


As the episodes roll on, Shiv keeps the big news to himself and finally The fourth episode of the season, “Honeymoon State,” takes place at Logan’s apartment during the memorial service for the late CEO. The Roy siblings rallied after discovering that Logan had written down his wish for his son Kendall Roy (Jeremy Strong) to be his successor at some point, perhaps four years ago

The previous episode for their father in Grieving for an untimely death Connor’s wedding starts to crack.

Eventually – after a debate over whether Kendall’s name was crossed out or crossed out – Kendall and Roman (Kieran Culkin) teamed up as interim Co-CEO, while Schiff was left out. Kendall and Roman assured Shiv that she would still be a key decision-maker, but Kendall approved a smear campaign against Logan at the end of the episode behind everyone’s back to boost Waystar’s reputation. Royco’s reputation in the media.

Snook described Logan’s decision to name Kendall as his successor as “a message from the grave”. She said: “What were my father’s dying wishes? And I never heard them, it was talking into a vacuum on the phone [when he died]. Not mentioned. Still not an afterthought. The only afterthought, really, was Kendall. She had a moment of vulnerability with her estranged husband when she talked about grieving her father. “She didn’t have much to turn to, “Snoke said. “I thought [telling Tom about the pregnancy] was too complicated. It has changed so much. So much has happened… Her father just died. There’s so much business intrigue going on, and then bringing Tom into it in the name of the family would confuse it again. She herself didn’t know how she felt. In a way, I think she prefers to decide how she feels about it before Tom’s feelings muddy the waters. ’

Snook says what she’s thinking about is: “In what way is this going to hold me back instead of pushing me forward?” …women are extraordinary, but these are the very things we use to hold them back. It’s so wild. “

Snook said she learned of Logan’s death early in the season, but didn’t know the details until she received the script for “Connor’s Wedding,”” Snook said. The detachment and denial they felt upon learning of his death will drive the final season of The Roy Kids forward.

“She’s someone who is afraid of being vulnerable and was taught to be afraid of being vulnerable, so going into this scene, it’s going to be the most revealing moment for her,” she says By the time Shiv calls Logan for the last time to say goodbye, Logan may or may not have heard the message. “Her father could die, be unable to be there, and have to express that she does love him, and that matters a lot. But at the same time, the honest truth of this moment is that her love is very complicated, full of a kind of loathing and self-loathing, And the feelings and frustrations about those feelings. It’s all in the writing.”

She added, “To say ‘I love you, Daddy’ at any other moment in life ‘, even in his time of death, you may get silence. So you remain silent when you most want an answer. There is never satisfaction there.”

Ultimately, regardless of how Shiv ends up dealing with her personal life (“Maybe after Season 4 is over, she’ll grow and change,” she shared), Snook is confident that businesswoman Shiv isn’t being ruled out for now: “I think she’s a long-term killer. I think she’s most like Rogen, so it’s inevitable she’ll end up being a killer. Maybe more than Kendall.”

Succession Releases new episodes Sundays at 9pm on HBO and Max. Read THR’‘s final season coverage.



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