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'The Heirs' Star Dagmara Dominczyk Says Her Father Died During Season 4 Filming: 'It Was a Very Weird Season for Me'

[This story contains succession major drama from Season 4 Through.]

Succession star Dagmara Domińczyk says herself Her father died while she was filming the series’ main death scene, which made it all the more exciting to film and ultimately watch the scene.

Domińczyk, on the HBO series, with 1234713481Rolling Stone talking about her character dealing with Logan Roy’s sudden and shocking death on a plane role in crisis. During the discussion, the actress revealed that while filming the scene — one of the last two days of filming the Emmy-winning series’ fourth season in New York — her father died in Poland , at the age of 69.

“On our last day of filming Inheritance two days before in NYC, our last day, Two days before I showed up on set, my own dad, I would say, was a gentler, kinder version of Logan Roy, in fact he’s been the most kind to me and my sisters in my life Vital presence and power, this truly unique human being, died suddenly at . We learned about it through a phone call from someone we have never met . He was in Poland,” she recalls.

His death bears an uncanny resemblance to the one she performed on screen, the actress added, and having to film Logan’s funeral “has a lot to do with it.” A really weird season for me” around the time of her dad because she lived miles away from him in New Jersey.

“Feels like the universe really- I don’t know how it works, death of Succession and Logan Roy’s death coincided with the death of my fucking amazing, complicated father,” she said. “I was supposed to work the next day. Apparently the funeral — I’m not even sure I should tell you there was a funeral, but obviously, we assumed there was — and we shot it a few days before my dad died too.”

Speaking of graphic sequences, already “emotional” seeing fellow succession actors Sarah Snook, Kieran Culkin and Jeremy Strong was speaking on speakerphone while her side of the camera was filmed. “They would call in every shoot we did. We were on stage planes, very close, [with] their voices, and every time they called in, you know, it was so touching and so fucking It was weird,” she recalls. It also involved director Mark Mylord having to remind her — before her father died — that while the performances she chose to cry were “beautiful,” they didn’t necessarily fit the character.

“I’m a very emotional person. Good at expressing feelings. I had a hard time not crying on that plane. This was before my dad died and we were in The episode was shot on a plane,” she explained. “And Mark Mylod would come and say, ‘Dug, what you’ve done is really beautiful. But Karolina won’t [cry]. She’s the voice of reason here. There’s something to be done. This is a giant public figure. Please Don’t cry.’”

Domińczyk added that in addition to having to deal with the initial experience of her father’s death while filming an already emotional storyline on the show, she Controlling her grief again after the episode was finished and aired. The Succession actor said that while it might “sound weird,” in some ways, seeing how her character Karolina handles Logan ( Logan’s death on the plane she took an early look while watching “in my husband’s recliner alone at night with my dog.”

” My dad passed away two months ago but in terms of sudden, traumatic loss, this could have happened two days ago. That’s how the fuck I felt. I started watching this episode and this vein started in my head Beats. I thought I was going to have an aneurysm,” she continued, discussing her physical reaction to screening the episode. “Of course, I cried and cried, and I thought it was amazing. The episode was really good, very tense, well planned and put together, and for a moment, I was able to pull myself out of the grief and get lost in the story ’”

While it was a momentary relief for her, Domińczyk noted that it was still “really, really, really difficult” and that the people around her People sent her condolence messages, and it was like what was happening became clearer to them. Among the group were her husband, actor Patrick Wilson, and friends who texted how “weird” it all was. Especially as someone who “has been worried that he’s going to die suddenly, or die in our absence, and that’s exactly what happened.”

“For some The reason I can’t” is not exactly, because I was a very young girl and I was worried that my dad would die suddenly. it happens. So it’s really crazy,” she said. “But Karolina, who was serious on that plane, knowing all his health issues and Logan’s troubles and hospitalization, the day will come, and she’s got her beautiful pen ready.” and her cushion. ”

It was an experience suddenly so familiar to actresses that Domińczyk confidently stated that the show was filmed.

“With these dramatic, sudden, violent deaths, in the first few days, people were in shock. you do not believe. And I think Succession really captures that,” she told the magazine. “You don’t see them completely falling apart, of course, my reaction in real life Like a wounded damn animal because it heard something you’ve wanted to hear all your life, but it hasn’t happened yet, so it just won’t happen. It does happen. So grief will catch up with them as we head into the season. ”



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