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'The Horror of Dolores Roach' Review: Justina Machado in Prime Video's Delicious Cannibal Comedy

“Seriously, I’m not what you call a monster,” Dolores (Justina Machado) on Prime Video’s insisted at the beginning of the show. ) The Horror of Dolores Roach . “If everything goes wrong, I’m just like you.” Frankly, that’s a hard assertion to take. By this point, we already know she’s involved in a scheme to turn humans into pastry fillings, Sweeney Todd style. Even the most broad-minded viewers are unlikely to have much resonance with this.

But Dolores Roach’s Horror promise is that, no matter what, it will warm Try to install the case – and the fun of it comes from realizing that it succeeds more than it doesn’t. No, you don’t necessarily think that you, too, would accept cannibalism under the right circumstances. (This particular argument is better captured in Showtime’s Yellowjackets.) But Between the sickening twists, dark laughs and lively lead performances, you might be surprised to find yourself a little bit rooting for this woman who is neither villain nor victim. The Horror of Dolores Roach

Bottom line A twisted treat.

Air Date:
Friday, July 7th (Prime Video)

Justina Machado, Alejandro Hernandez, K. Todd Freeman, Keita Updade gram

Aaron Mark

In Dolores’ defense, she had no intention of selling human flesh. As she explains (in a distracting and unnecessary framing device, much of the play is positioned as Dolores telling an actress who plays a fictional version of her in the Broadway play “true” story), this shift is necessary. After being released from prison, Dolores returned to Washington Heights, only to find that her face was beyond recognition A few years later. With nowhere else to go, she tries to start over, working as an unlicensed masseuse in the basement of an empanada shop run by her old friend Luis (Alejandro Hernandez). Work. But she eventually fell apart when the tenuous arrangement was threatened – leaving the first body to Louise to be ground up, wrapped in dough, fried and sent back to an unwitting community .

Creator Aaron Mark took pains to place Dolores’ story within the larger context of society’s hostility towards people like her – Brown Race, female, penniless, recorded. It doesn’t imply at all that of course the only means for marginalized groups is to get pass in the cheek of greedy landowners. But pointing out the parallels between the middle classes metaphorically devouring the neighborhoods they occupy, and Luis and Dolores’ in turn packaging those middle classes as consumer goods, does make for naughty fun. One second, a dodgy guy is citing Darwinian evolution in defense of skyrocketing rents; the next second, a dodgy guy is citing Darwinian evolution in defense of skyrocketing rents; a few scenes later, Lewis uses the same logic to explain why putting It’s perfectly fine for that person to be turned into food.

But this is not a noble treatise on social injustice. After sowing these themes in its first few minutes, The Horror of Dolores Roach mostly puts political commentary aside to focus on The sheer outrage of its premise is on. Dolores is not Hannibal Lecter; she is not Hannibal Lecter. She kills out of self-defense or desperation rather than pleasure, and has no appetite for eating her own victims. Instead, the show highlights Dolores’ growing panic over the mounting death toll, and the paranoia that ensues, once interested parties like the private eye and the victim’s son start snooping around. It’s funny with the nauseating human flesh on the lips of unsuspecting customers, or the outright comedy of Dolores rolling her eyes at Luis’ dizziness. (Other than that, he seems to believe that “edible” and “Oedipus” are the same word.)

Machado’s versatile show anchor Dolores’ Horror Roach switches back and forth between comedy, tragedy, horror. She equally convincingly enjoys the post-murder surge of power as she shyly contemplates a potential romance. As her partner in crime, Hernandez combines her passion with intensity, combining the neediness of a puppy with the viciousness of a wolf. The duo’s shaky chemistry helps make up for some of the script’s weaknesses. Watching how Machado and Hernandez deal with anger, affection, or contempt is so compelling that it’s easy to ignore our thoughts on why Dolores is so obsessed with her ex, or the background of Luis’ shocking tragedy Very little is really known about what it has to do with anything. .

Almost, but not quite. The show rarely has outright missteps, but its eight-and-a-half-hour episodes leave with a vague sense of unrealized potential. As an attempt at social commentary, it ignores the searing urgency of modern mythology I’m a Virgo ; As a portrait of a serial killer, it lacks Your depth and complexity) or Barry ; as a cross-genre thriller, it wants to be like 1235357109Beef.

But if there’s anything good about the lightheartedness of The Horror of Dolores Roach , it’s It’s easy to start with. It’s been a lot of fun watching Dolores scramble to stay one step ahead of her destruction, or slowly accept the rage that threatens to eat her alive from within — and for the most part, that’s enough. Think of her story not as a sumptuous five-course meal, but as a sizzling snack: on a lazy afternoon, best sipped by the handful.



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