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The 'Hush' Haircut Is the Low-Maintenance Hairstyle That's Trending This Fall

One of the most searched hairstyles in the world right now? According to Google, the “hush” cut is currently popular in both the US and UK. It’s extremely versatile and suits many different face shapes. Originally from Korea, this hairstyle is light, silky, and extremely low-maintenance. Here’s what you need to know before booking.

What is the Hush hairstyle?

“The Hush cut is a soft layered hairstyle that’s almost always paired with wispy bangs, or at least shorter, face-framing layers,” explain Sean Paul Nother and Nick Latham, founders of The Hair Bros. “This hairstyle is layered from root to tip, which creates beautiful distribution in the weight and movement of the hair.” When hair is cut to move, it takes shape naturally, which means you don’t have to do as much styling. This makes it perfect for anyone who wants an effortless look, while still retaining plenty of face-framing shape and detail.

“This is a great hairstyle for those who want to experiment with bangs and more dramatic layers, rather than opting for drastic cuts like full bangs or a wolf cut,” they added. “People have long considered rethinking bangs or layers, but they’ve been traumatized by some really bad haircuts from 2000 childhoods! This cut has everything soft layers should be—and it expresses it through softness.”


A hush cut relies on attention to detail, and when it’s cut by a professional, it won’t work if it isn’t performed properly. “There shouldn’t be any straight lines in the hair,” say Norther and Latham, both of whom regularly use razors in the salon instead of scissors. “Once the hair starts to feel heavy, it loses the soft, airy feel that this style embodies.”

To prevent any “hair language barrier” with your stylist, it’s always worth bringing photos showing what you like and don’t like about the look. “As always, choose your stylist wisely,” the duo say. “Check out their work online and take your time during consultations.”




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