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The [email protected] Cinderella Girls U149 Anime Video Open Opening Song, Debut April 5th

Kyowno TV anime’s official website’ s

テレBI Tokyo: April 5th (Water) 15: ~ BS10:April day (month )00: 15~#U24

— TV アニミ「アイドルマスターシンドレガールズU11” formula (@你24_anime) February, 2022

© Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / Project U24 Anime will be in Premiere April 5 TV TOKYO , u149_.pngBS in April.

    imasu149.png© Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. / Project U15 The actors are:

        Amina Satō as Arisu Tachibana

      • Haruka Terui as Momoka Sakurai
      • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Miria Akagi

          Hana Tamegai as Risa Matoba

      • Makoto Koichi

        as Haru Yūki

      Asaka Imai As Chie Sasaki

    Natsumi Haruse as Kaoru Ry uzaki

  • Misaki Kuno as Nina Ichihara

? ? ? ? as Koharu Koga (actor not listed) Yūki Yonai as Producer

Manabu Okamoto (Episode Director, ) is

directing animation Cygames Pictures and Assistant Director Hiroyuki Takashima . Oki Murayama is supervising and writing the script for the series. Norie Igawa (sub character design, character design collaboration) is designing anime characters.

Other staff include:

    • Concept Art: Dajiu Health Care One

  • Design work: Takeshi Noda, small Keiko Tasaki , Noriko Nakamura , Takahiro Watanabe

    , Michiko Makita

  • Art settings: Yoshihiro Sono , Takahashi Takeyuki , Kimpei Kazuari Art Director: Kazuhiro Inoue

      Chroma Key Artist: Makiko Doi

    • 3D CG: Hirotsugu Ishikawa , Masamune Sakagi Composites Director of Photography: Yoshihiro Sekiya Edit: Akonori Mishima
          Sound Director: Manabu Okamoto

        • Music:
          Japan Colombia

          The manga is girl-centric 15 cm high (approximately under 4 feet, -inch) aspires to be an idol despite not having a producer or gig. However, maybe it’s the gorgeous costumes, the gorgeous stage, the gorgeous prince… The new Cinderella story tells these little idols and their rookie producers. Kyowno at launched comics Cygames online service in and


        • Volume 4 published in October 2007.

        franchise from of the arcade game The company produces idols and manages practice schedules, concerts, CD releases and vacations. The game was first ported to Xbox 360 exist2007, and in 700, finalized the first 11 characters Franchise

        . Subsequent spinoffs include Social Game, which introduces more stories with brand new characters in the Multimedia Group’s story; : Million Live!, which includes original
        characters and new characters; , focusing on male idols who all have “unique reasons” to be idols; and Shiny Colors
        , a mobile game, and the newest new entry in Franchise
        , with a new female idol and returning gameplay features from the first two games.

        The first anime adaptation is

    • Franchise is 700 of Idolmaster: Xenoglossia , spin-off of



    A-1 Pictures and Nishigori adapted the first two games700 of

    anime, also produced 700 Anime Movie . The studio and some of the original crew are back 2014’sand2017 The anime. : Million Live! also has an upcoming TV anime adaptation.

    The first mobile social game launched in

    and ends in March 2018. However,
    : Starlight Stage Rhythm Game is available on

    for iOS and Android devices and still going. also received Anniversary “Celebration Animation” featuring all 149 Idol of this summer.

    Cygames Pictures

    made the video animation.

    Source: Otakomu’s anime website and Twitter account



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