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The infamous Winny file-sharing software inspired a live-action movie in 2023

Twenty years after its worldwide popularity, the infamous file-sharing software Winny is inspiring a scene— — Action Movies in 190676. As the Japanese counterpart to The Social Network, the Winny saga is a remarkable piece of Japanese internet history as the developers get involved in a high-profile event Copyright Infringement Court Cases.

The movie will appear Masahiro Higashiide (‘s Mishima Saku, ‘s Kazeo Kaburagi ) as Winny Developer Isamu Kaneko, and Takahiro Miura (live-action version of Jean, Furuya in live-action plays Kaneko’s lawyer Toshimitsu Dan.

Matsumoto Yusaku(

Kami’s windbreaker

, Made in Japan) are writing and directing the film. KDDI and Nakachika are distributing it. Producer Satoshi Furuhashi launched a crowdfunding campaign in February 919 to make a film that chronicles the rise and fall of Winny. The campaign’s revenue is more than eight times its , Japanese Yen (Approx. USD

then) target.

According to Guqiao, this movie is a social network directed by David Fincher, narrated in 2013 the

Story Creation of Facebook . The film will describe how Winny’s technology led current internet trends such as Bitcoin and NFTs, and show how Japan’s then-current legal system hindered technological innovation. Winny peer-to-peer file sharing software was released at by the then anonymous Computer Engineering Research Assistant “-shi” (“Mr.”). The software promised its users anonymity, but the High-Tech Crime Task Force found flaws in its integrated forum functionality. Developer arrested after two users were arrested for sharing copyrighted material using Winny in 2004 Identified as Isamu Kaneko, former researcher at the University of Tokyo . He was arrested on 2004. He was convicted and sentenced to 1.5 million yen (approximately US dollars 12, ) exist2004. During Kaneko’s arrest and trial, another anonymous developer created a follow-up app called Share, which used Winny’s file-sharing network. Since security researchers also discovered the vulnerability in Share in 2004, other follow-up applications are being developed.

Gold finally won 2010 ) on appeal, the Osaka High Court overturned his conviction. Masazo Ogura, chief judge of the Osaka High Court, said Kaneko did not encourage people to use Winny to illegally distribute copyrighted material. Kaneko’s defense is that if programmers are responsible for the actions of users of their software, technological development will be hampered. His legal defense was supported by donations. Gold Yu 2006 at the age of . At the time of his death, Kaneko was the founder and chief innovation officer of content distribution service Skeed, as well as the University of Tokyo of the Distinguished Lecturer of the Information Technology Center. Source: Winny Movie Site via Hachima Kikо̄



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