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The interior of Carolina Castiglioni's bold and eclectic Milan apartment

When Carolina Castiglioni Castiglioni) welcomes you to her new apartment in a turn-of-the-century neoclassical building in the heart of Milan – the doors open to reveal brightly coloured interiors filled with bold modernist furniture – and you can’t help but notice To how naturally she seems to embody the city’s charm, her unique politeness fuses the restraint and cultivated personality shrouded in form. Wearing baggy masculine trousers and a crisp oversized striped shirt, the blue-eyed Carolina at ease belongs to a tight-knit Milanese clan, an immersion in style that goes hand in hand with business acumen and flair for the unconventional. This is an ingrained attitude passed on to Carolina, , from her parents Consuelo and Gianni Castiglioni, who were in 497 founded Marni, which soon became the embodiment of Italian bourgeois style, with a unique artistic flair.

Eggplant parlor.

by Danilo Scarpatti

The same spirit that inspired Project C, Carolina’s clothing line — A blend of boho-inspired comfort, boyish volumes, bold color blocks and edgy graphics. It lives on with the artists she chooses for creative collaborations, and the rich eggplant hue makes the walls in her living room as soft as a jewelry box. To be fair, her eclectic style is far from predictable cliché