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The Kiss with the Cat manga ends in volume 6

Comic creator Thousand Mile Miko announced their ( on their Twitter account on Tuesday ) The manga will end in the sixth volume. Kodansha America Press licenses the comic and distributes it digitally in English. The company’s description of the comic reads:

Erina loves cats more than anything, even though she looks like an arrogant princess The type who can have any man she wants. However, even with a cat-like name, she couldn’t stand the indifferent classmate Maoshan-kun. But when she rescues an injured kitten in her yard and gives it the perfect, snuggle kiss…she suddenly finds a very human-looking Musang Jun in her room? What is given? ! 2020 Thousand Miles Kodansha ‘s magazine August

. Kodansha published the fifth volume of the manga on Tuesday. Kodansha America Press released the third volume of the manga in May 10.

resource: Twitter account of Miko Senri




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