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'The Last of Us' Episode 3 Takes Bill on an Emotional Journey

The Last of Us Episode 3 aired last Sunday on HBO and HBO Max with Ellie and Joel( Bella Ramsey and Pedro Pascal ) after tragic loss last week Measures were taken. Their mission: bring Ellie to the rebel group known as the Fireflies because she’s immune to the fungus that’s turned most of the populace into savage cannibals.

Hope they can replicate Ellie’s resistance and restore the world. They need a car to continue their journey, so they need a car in Joel’s buddy Bill (played by Parks and Recreation actorNick Offerman) ) — a grumpy and survivalist-inclined character who the incredible PlayStation game that inspired the show will be remembered all too well .

This won’t prepare you for the heartbreaking story of Episode 3. let’s start.

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Bill Survivor

Flashback Revealed How Bill managed to avoid being dragged into quarantine by the US military after the September 2003 outbreak. His paranoid anti-authority tendencies work in his favor, and he goes into hiding when his neighbors are caught up in the raid (a grisly mass grave discovered by Ellie and Joel in 2023 reveals they were all killed).

“Not today, you New World Order boots bastard,” he said after soldiers failed to find his basement hiding hole.

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Bill walks into a changed world.

HBO A wet Murray Bartlett has a concerned expression as Frank in The Last of Us episode 4

is probably best since Bill has a ton of weapons and seems perfectly prepared for a siege. Finding himself the town’s only remaining resident, he acts decisively, securing his position with traps and gathering supplies to live a life of luxurious solitude while the world outside falls apart.

And juicy steak.


In 2007, Bill’s lifestyle seemed Helps him — four years after the pandemic, he looks little changed. When Frank (Murray Bartlett), a survivor from the Baltimore quarantine, falls into a trap outside the quarantine, his lonely life is changed forever.

As it turns out, Frank is a very sweet guy who manages to break down Bill’s emotional barrier (with a little help from Linda Ronstadt). The two fall in love – the transformation of Offerman’s performance is stunning – and despite their different personalities, they build a life together.

Over the years, they’ve even become friends with Tess and Joel, with smugglers coming over for dinner and agreeing to work together. Tess and Frank hit it off, while the tougher Joel and Bill respect each other.

In 2010, attackers hit the town – something that Joel warns Bill about. The solid fortifications stand the test of time, but Bill is shot and survives as Frank is by his side to mend him.

A wet Murray Bartlett has a concerned expression as Frank in The Last of Us episode 4
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Frank saved Bill’s life after the assailants struck.

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Jump forward to 2020 and we find out that Frank has been suffering from severe health issues for years, nearly incapacitating him. He’s confined to a wheelchair and it’s clear he’s struggling to use his hands as well. He appears to have amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or multiple sclerosis, but writer Craig Mazin said they deliberately hid Frank’s affliction from the show’s official podcast. Bill is a loving caregiver, helping his partner with his medication and getting around.

The last tender moment

One morning in 2023, Bill woke up Came to find Frank sitting next to him. After accepting that there was no way to treat his illness, he admitted to being up most days and told Bill it was his “last day”.

“Give me another beautiful day…Take me to the boutique where I’ll pick out clothes for us. You’ll wear what I ask for and we’ll get married. You’ll Make a nice dinner,” he said, before removing the pills from his pocket. “Then you crush it all and put it in my wine. I’ll drink it. Then you’ll take my hand and take me to our bed and I’ll fall asleep in your arms.”

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Bill and Frank’s relationship lasted until the end.

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Bill tries hard to accept Frank’s decision, but finally agrees. Their final hours together are played out in a beautiful and moving montage. I didn’t cry; you cried.

After the wine is poured, Bill agrees to Frank’s fatal request. However, Bill also revealed that he did the same with his booze – subjecting himself to the same fate. Bill gently pushes Frank into their room and the scene goes black.

Ellie is The one who found Bill’s last words.

HBO A wet Murray Bartlett has a concerned expression as Frank in The Last of Us episode 4spoiler alert

Eventually, Ellie and Joel arrive at the house and find a note from Bill explaining what happened (“To anyone, but it could be Joel”).

“I used to hate this world and was happy when everyone died. But I was wrong because there is one person worth saving,” it reads. “That’s what I did, I saved him, then I protected him. That’s why people like you and me are here: We have a job to do. God help any jerk who gets in the way.”

He tells Joel to use his weapons and gear to keep Tess safe, which obviously hits Joel hard. In Bill’s car, the two hit the road in Wyoming to find Joel’s ex-Firefly brother, Tommy (Ronstadt’s 1970 song “Long Time” began their journey).

A Different Fate

Bill’s Game Rival Hardly an emotional character. He’s still a skilled survivalist, trapping himself in his town with all sorts of traps, but we get few hints about his underlying warmth.

He saves Ellie and Joel from a group of infected people, but immediately wants them gone. Ellie and Joel form an uneasy alliance with him to obtain the car they need to continue their journey, fighting the infected to reach the vehicle.

They succeed in the mission, leaving Ellie and Joel to drive into the sunset (until things go horribly wrong again) and return Bill to his isolation. So his fate is unclear, not like in the drama.

Bill and Joel at The Last of Tensions in the Us game.


Bill hinted at his relationship with Frank in one of the many angry comments.

“Once upon a time, I had someone I cared about. That was a partner. Someone I had to take care of,” he said. “That kind of shit has one benefit in this world: getting you killed. So, you know what I did? I’m fucking smart. I realized it had to be me.”

Bill and Frank’s sexuality is never explicitly stated in the game, but a gay porn magazine Ellie finds at his home hints at it.

Where’s Frank?

We never see Frank alive in the game because he had a falling out with Bill before Ellie and Joel arrived. At the end of their journey through town, the trio finds Frank’s dead body hanging in the house he used to live in.

We learn that he was bitten by some infected and chose to end his own life rather than turn into a shambling monster. You can also find a note containing his last words.

“Well, Bill, I doubt you’ll ever find this note because you’re too scared to get to this part of town. But if for some reason you Done, I want you to know that I hate your guts. I’m tired of this filthy town and your same attitude,” it read.

“I want more from life than this and you’ll never get that. And that stupid battery you keep complaining about – I get it. But I think you’re right. Trying to get out of this town will kill me. Still better than spending another day with you. Good luck, Frank.”

Ouch. Bill wasn’t happy reading this, so he threw it away. In the PS5 remake, if you pick up that shredded note, you’ll earn the “In Memorium” trophy (in the show, Joel shreds Bill’s note and throws it aside).

In Biel Town before arriving, you can find a smuggler’s note about Frank. This suggests that he had planned to move quietly into the Boston Quarantine after dealing with the smugglers, but it never worked out. In the show, when Bill finds him in a trap, Frank says he’s on his way to Boston.

Episode 4 of The Last of Us Comes to HBO Max on February 5th .

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