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The legendary hero is dead! ‒ Episode 6

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Last time, I said I didn’t believe the show was trying to sell Fujika and Yuna’s relationship, and I stand by it. Touka throughout the show treats someone who is supposed to be his friend as a piece of bank material rather than a living person. He never showed any interest or concern for her other than how he sexually objectified and violated her. Any scene where she starts to have a real crush on him that doesn’t involve a fundamental shift in their dynamic feels contrived, and it actively insults my intelligence and your intelligence as a viewer.

So, thanks to it, I’m happy Touka starts the episode genuinely caring for Yuna, even showing his usual cunning character for her sake. He’s so concerned about her health that he’s trying to hide her zombification, damn nearly starting a fight with the whole town to keep her safe. It was shocking to see him take the path of greatest resistance without saying a word about how he did it to keep her lap safe or anything. It feels a bit like damning with faint praise, but at least in this moment, Fujika displays some admirable qualities, and I think it’s fair to admit that.

Of course, once he indulges, goodwill will follow Weakened he takes control of Yuna’s body and tries to take a look at it without permission. However, even that annoying thought is kind of funny, because Anri and Marguerite are there to interfere, and… well, cock nuggets isn’t the right phrase, because he really doesn’t have one now. He’s trying to put on stockings, so maybe a sock block? Regardless, this at least has some comedic value, as it actively foils his attempts to become a psycho. I still prefer a version of Touka who’s just a sly bum who breaks into whorehouses during his adventures instead of constantly harassing his fellows, but at least has some fun stopping him from getting what he wants without wearily Punching gimmick.

Oops when I’m here giving mild compliments , I would even say the whole Zombie Mansion story is interesting. Giving the character interactions a greater ensemble effect is very helpful, allowing some of the humor to develop entirely through dialogue and personality clashes. The bumbling mayor is a familiar trope, but he makes a decent sandbag for Touka’s tougher comeback. Belarco is a pretty one-note joke, but quick gags like his soaking his sprained ankle while still trying to stoically pose had me giggling. The action animation leaves a lot to be desired, but since this is primarily a comedy, I don’t want to hold it against it too much when the jokes actually land with decent hits.

So hey, you know what, it turns out Such makes for a very solid episode at the end of things. While it’s a far cry from my favorite comedy styles, it at least demonstrates a more sustainable shift in writing style than before. I doubt I will ever going love Legendary Hero

, but if it finds a balance between the cast and new ways of crafting punchlines, I won’t complain. With the end credits introduction of a different adventuring party, there’s even the possibility of a whole new cast dynamic on the horizon.




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