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The legendary hero is dead! ‒ Episodes 1-3

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The Legendary Hero is dead! ?

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The Legendary Hero is dead! ?

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3293.png3293.png © Subaruichi/SHOGAKUKAN/ The legendary hero is dead! Production Committee feels like an out-of-place show. Comedies like this in 300sand00; fantasy stories about utterly uninspired and dastardly farce leading to being thrust into the hero’s role and ruining expectations in the process. It’s a solid little setup that many shows have found success with. That trend has faded, replaced by mighty otherworldly heroes shrugging off RPG tropes, but it’s a formula I’ve come to know and enjoy in the past. Unfortunately, that doesn’t do much for the show’s sense of humor. this It’s not that I find Touka’s comedic twist distasteful — because it’s such predictable, tiresome comedy. He has two reactions to everything: run away or sexually objectify the women in his life. He toggles between the two modes with regular efficiency, the way you’d expect each time. There’s never a surprise, twist, or punch line that you don’t see a mile away, or that we didn’t see earlier in a given episode. It’s corny humor, not even offensive in bad taste, because it’s 600, and “like thighs and boobs” is out. Damn, the fan service isn’t even well presented. Stockings hang from the girls’ legs like garbage bags. We live in a world where they can animate entirely about a single artist’s obsession with bodysuits, but this show is here with fetish fuel that would make Hiro Mashima

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