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'The Lincoln Lawyer' season 2, part 2 coming soon

Legal procedural drama The Lincoln Lawyer recently returned to Netflix with another season of criminal intrigue surrounding Mickey Haller, a lawyer who meets clients in the backseat of a Lincoln Navigator city car.

The Lincoln Lawyer originated in a series of novels by renowned crime writer Michael Connelly, the first of which was adapted into a 2011 film starring Matthew McConaughey. The Netflix series follows the same premise, with the first season jumping to the second book in the series and casting Manuel Garcia-Rulfo in the lead role.

When we first meet Haller in Season 2, he’s a bit of a local celebrity thanks to reports of previous success stories, but it doesn’t take long before things go off track again. However, the season isn’t over yet – like The Land of Darkness, Stranger Things and most recently, The Witcher , Netflix has split the second season of “The Lincoln Lawyer” er into two separate installments and has only released episodes of the first part so far, leaving fans waiting to learn the fate of several characters in the second installment.

Who’s in the cast for season 2, part 2?

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo reprises his role as Mickey Haller in Season 2, with Jazz Raycole also returning as his driver Izzy and Angus Sampson as investigator Cisco. Neve Campbell (Scream) and Becky Newton (Ugly Betty) also return as his first and second wives, respectively: Campbell’s character Maggie, a prosecutor, and Newton’s character Lorna, Waller’s legal assistant. Season 2 also introduced Lana Parilla (was) as Lisa, a chef who romantically interacts with Haller before being accused of murder.

Season 2, what will part 2 be? The novel The Fifth Witness and the remaining three episodes not yet released will wrap up the story, including addressing Lisa’s situation.

Season 2, Part 2, What’s the release date of Part 2? Forming Season 2, Part 2 will be released via Netflix streaming on August 3.

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