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The Lioncourt comic saga ends with the next chapter

saga-of-lioncourt-vol-1-en-manga© Nagy, Hiroaki Ogura, toi8, Takeshobo, J-Novel ClubThe Takeshobo

of ‘s official twitter account*) manga site announced on Monday that Nagy of () Manga adapted from

Hiroaki Ogura ‘s light novel of the same name will end in the next chapter in February.

Nagy comes out with a manga featuring original character designstoi8 at Takeshobo of magazine in . The magazine ceased publication in January 183763, and the manga moved to

website in February. Takeshobo published the manga on One volume compilation and the fifth volume in September 2020.

J-Novel Club

Manga 2020 licensed and distributed digitally. Company Introduction Story:

Tadashi Tanaka is a typical office worker whose life came to an abrupt end forty-one Aged due to cancer. But instead of going to heaven, he finds himself in a world akin to medieval Europe. It’s like the Middle Ages, without modern conveniences, people eat with their hands and pigs roam the streets freely. Worst of all, wars between nations happen every day.

Now, Tadashi Tanaka must live his second life as Varian de Lioncourt. Can an ordinary office worker survive in this cruel world?

Varian’s Rise Begins Here!

Ogura at 2018’s Shōsetsu-ka ni Narou (“Let’s Be Novelists”) website published the light novel with the original title, Tanaka Tadashi () Kenkoku-ki [Chūsei Europe-Fū Nante Kitsusugiru!] (Tadashi Tanaka [] Records of the founding of a country: How difficult it is to live in a world similar to medieval Europe!). The novel won the Crowd Gate 6th Internet Novel Award (Internet Novel Award). Tugikuru published No. 1 of the novel at One volume Illustration by


, the title is changed to

. The second volume of the novel was released on 450. Source:’s Twitter account




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