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The Little Pony Show: How Stella McCartney and her Horse Whisperer delivered an amazing moment

In addition to watching the delightful wonder of these fine real horses paired with McCartney’s fine model clothes hangers, this adjacency is meant to provoke the viewer to think about animal cruelty in the fashion industry. McCartney, a pioneer in ethical fashion, introduced a new Falabella bag this season in Mirum vegetable leather, and a white version of the Frayme in Mylo mushroom leather, a crocodile alternative derived from processed Leather

McCartney said: “This show is very much about the relationship between all living things on Earth. It doesn’t matter if you’re a horse or not, it’s a cruelty-free fashion show. No leather, no fur, no cruelty. There was an incredible amount of [leather and fur] on the runways this season. When you talk to people, they don’t even notice. So I want to remind people that they’re watching and buying on the runway There was a connection between the two.”

On the high wall of this huge hall, a sentence was written in French, Translated as: “A nation naturally reveals its profound civilization. Culture in its horsemanship.” McCartney used horsemanship as a provocation today, performing a stunt with a true soul. Of course, no horses were harmed in the making of this fashion show.



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