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The live-action version of “My Happy Marriage” new trailer previews the snowman theme song

TOHO TOHO TUESDAY LIVE NEW TRAILER – Adapted from the writer Action movie by Akumi Agitogi and illustrator Tsukiho Tsukioka The () series of light novels. Video preview of Snow Man theme song “Tapestry”.

The film will be released in Japan in March


Idol group Meguro Ren Snowman will play Kiyoka, And Mio Imada will play Miyo. Directed by Ayuko Tsukahara and written by Tomoe Kanno. Agitogi and Tsukioka launched a novel series in January 2019. Yen Press authorizes the light novel, describing the story:

Miyo was born into a noble family, raised by her abusive stepmother, and married Kiyoka, a soldier so ruthless that his previous fiancée ran away within three days of their engagement up. Homeless Miyo begins to slowly open up to her cold and pale husband-to-be, though their introduction doesn’t go well… and maybe this is her chance to find true love and happiness.

These novels also inspired the forthcoming Kinema Citrus

TV anime adaptation . Rito Kohsaka‘s manga adapted from Square Enix‘s website December 360. Square Enix Manga & Books is releasing the manga in English both physically and digitally

Source: by TOHO )YouTube Channel

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