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The live-action version of “The End of the World with You” reality show advertising will premiere on January 29

Maki Maruto “The End of the World” live-action TV drama official website You (Bokura no Micro na Shūmatsu) manga ran an ad on Tuesday to promote its January premiere date. The live-action series will premiere on Asahi Broadcasting Corporation January TV 12 exist24: 24 (Actually , in January :55 Morning or January 12 exist: 30 is EST). Then it will air on TVer and GYAO! in Japan as soon as it airs.

the series’ The main cast is

Toshiki Seto

as the lead and the heartless salaryman Masumi Nishina, and Keisuke Nakata as Ritsu Kusakabe , a man from Masumi’s past.

Other cast members include: Somasa Tomimoto as Yuma Hirose, a pure idol fan; role), Takehiro Otsuki as Masumi and Ritsu’s former college classmate Hashimoto, Miyu Nishimura as former school girl Misa Taniguchi, Ryōko Yūi as Masumi’s mother, and Kisuke Iida as Meguru’s father.

Directed by Koichiro Miki and Hiroshi Mori, Miki wrote the script.

The story of the manga begins with casual salaryman Masumi Nishina confronting a news report that the world will be devastated by an inevitable meteor Strike and end . He returns to the school library, determined to read everything he can, only to meet a man from his past that he absolutely does not want to see: Ritsu Kusakabe.

Marukido launched a manga in


‘ s in the February issue of BLUE magazine 2021, and ends in December 2020. Shodensha published two volumes of manga at the same time in February 2016. Marukido posted Pornographer boys’ love manga in on BLUE in , compiled a volume. Marukido also posted on on BLUE in Spinoff manga titled Indigo no Kibun (Mood Indigo), and a sequel manga titled Zoku Pornographer Playback. There is also a compilation volume of the manga. This manga inspired a TV adaptation that premiered on FOD ( on Fuji TV Fuji TV On Demand

) July streaming service
, And a second series based on Mood Indigo’s

past arc premieres in March 400. Zoku Pornographer Playback Inspired a Live Action Movie Coming in February2020.

digital manga publisher


is doing Publishes all three of the manga in English, as well as Marukido’s Me wo Tojite mo Hikari wa Mieru yo manga.

Source: Doomsday, With You live-action series website, comic Natalie



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