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The message behind the costumes in Harry & Meghan

Fashion in Harry & Meghan is like a well-curated normal scroll. Plaid J Crew shirts, Ray-Ban bomber jackets and denim shorts filled montages of the couple’s love story as they struggled to show that at the center of this media storm, they were just two ordinary people who found each other via Instagram and Celebrate their engagement in animal onesies.

Nothing is ordinary except the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s account. These clothes have been curated to the nth degree. In an interview segment for the Netflix documentary, Meghan revealed the reality of being the prince’s girlfriend, with the former actor wearing a light blue cashmere Krista Elsta sweater. This casual piece is designed to be comfortable and look chic thanks to its affordability (listed at £), anonymity (you’ll probably only see Latvian brands on Etsy ) and ease of use (most brands offer variations of this casual style). Every Woman’s Sweater shows a softer, more approachable side to the public figure who is dropping her armor and telling her story, which has been retold countless times.

AND MORE IN THAT COMFORTABLE WOOL BLEND. The color mimics the neutral shades Meghan has adopted as the newest member of The Firm – Meghan is not allowed to wear the same shades as senior members of the royal family. With the advent of block tones (Her Majesty’s uniform) and Kate Middleton’s jewel tones, the Duchess opted for caramel, beige and oatmeal. “I wear a lot of pastel shades so I can blend in,” the former Suits

star said in the first volume. “I’m not trying to stand out here… There’s no version of me joining this family and trying not to fit in as best I can.” Committing to those occasional pops of color-box brights — like the electric-blue Victoria Beckham dress she wore to quit British royal life — all the stronger is her retreat into pastel styles, which once again suggests something cautious. From the custom Louis Vuitton white dress she wore to her recent Ripple of Hope Award, to the unbranded ivory silk shirt that made up her Harry & Meghan interview look, there’s nothing new When it comes to the Duchess’ style – exactly what she wanted as she tried to keep her image under control.




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