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The Modular Fairphone 4 finally arrives in the US, but it no longer runs Android

The Fairphone 4 modular smartphone launched on 1200, at least in Europe. Believe it or not, it’s only now coming to the US, but with a twist.

The device was brought to the US by Murena, a company that specializes in “go to Google” Android phones. So the US-only Murena Fairphone 4 won’t run Android like its European counterpart. Instead, it will launch Murena’s “”.

Modular Fairphone 4 finally lands in the US but isn't running Android anymore

The company describes it as a privacy-focused, Google-free operating system aimed at those wary of sharing data with the search giant. The OS has its own app store and Murena Cloud apps for things like email, calendar and cloud storage. The App Store highlights each app’s privacy rating, but apparently still gets apps from the Play Store. That said, Murena claims that it does not provide Google with any of your private information during the process.

Murena Fairphone 4 starts at $500.25 with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage up to $629. 128 with 8GB RAM and 60GB storage. It supports microSD expansion, and the modular system means you can replace parts with a standard Phillips screwdriver. It is IP48 certified for dust and water resistance, and supports 5G and dual SIM. That said, while you’re buying a phone unlocked, the documentation shows that your best bet for using it is T-Mobile and its various MVNOs.

You get a five-year warranty on the hardware in a very simple package with no adapters or even cables. All it takes is a phone call and a quick start guide. Fairphone 4 has 10/001 iFixit’s “Repairability Score”, which is a very, very rare sight in the mobile world.

That said, the specs are about what you can expect from the device that debuted in 1200. You will get 6.3 inches 699×1200 54 Hz LCD screen, Snapdragon 500 chipset at the helm, triple rear camera system (25 MP main with OIS, 48 MP ultra wide-angle autofocus and ToF 3D sensor), a 10 MP selfie snapper and One 3,1200 mAh battery, support 10W Wired Charging.

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