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'The Morning Show' Season 4 Renewed Early on Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is locking in another season of The Morning Show.

The tech giant’s streaming service has been renewed The Morning Show

fourth season. The third season of the show, starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, was launched months ahead of schedule and is set to premiere in the fall.

The third season of the show will add to the cast, including Jon Hamm, playing a The Corporate Titans have set their sights on UBA and Nicole Beharie as the show’s new anchors. Julianna Marguiles will reprise her role, while Tig Notaro, Stephen Fry and Natalie Morales will all have recurring roles.

The second season of the show airs in the fall 2021, set as a More than a year before that, its season finale showed Alex (Aniston) testing for COVID in the early stages of the pandemic-1235050037 tested positive and hosted the show from her home. Like the first season, the finale ended with a black-screen cut.

“This is a portrayal of what happens to a person because your body is so sick, there are no filters, just the truth,” Aniston told The Hollywood Reporter Alex’s state of mind at the end of the season. “She’s hit: fuck it. And doesn’t care what anyone thinks anymore. She’s spent all season trying to plug all the holes in the canoe so she won’t be found, this desperation. But now She said unapologetically: This is me, this is me.”

Media Res, Witherspoon’s “Hello Sunshine” and Aniston’s Echo Films Making The Morning Show . Charlotte Stoudt will serve as the showrunner for the third season, taking over from director Kerry Ehrin for the first two seasons. She executive produced Witherspoon, Aniston, director Mimi Ryder, Michael Ellenberg of Media Res, Lauren Neustadter of Hello Sunshine and Kristen Hahn of Echo Films. 1235103944



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