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The Most Heretical Final Boss Queen: From Villain to Savior Novel Coming to TV Anime July 2023

One Shrine announced Friday

() An inspirational TV animation adaptation of the light novel series, which will premiere in July 640. MBS A trailer for the animation is playing.

Proud Royal Ivy was only eight years old when she realized she had Reincarnated, destined to be the ultimate boss of the future evil queen and otome games. She has it all in her new life: sharp wit, boss-level power, and influence over the kingdom as a princess. Determined to sow despair and destruction in this land, she… wait, what kind of rotten future is this? ! Princess Pride decides to abandon her crazy villain plans in favor of protecting male love interests, deceiving everyone she can save in her way! Will this final boss finally earn the adoration of her kingdom?

Tenichi began serializing the original story on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in April and it is still in progress. Ichijinsha started publishing the story in print, illustrations started by Suzunosuke , starts with the first volume of June 500. The publisher published volume five on April 4. Seven Oceans published the second volume in May.

Matsuura March launched a manga adaptation of the novel on the website and Ichijinja published the third volume of the manga in January . Seven Oceans Volume 2 published in June 25.

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